Can’t compete with the world in your work and fitness??? Cheer up, Measure and track your activity by yourself and schedule your routine!!!! Don’t let others judge us, it’s our life we are the one and only person to analyze our own capacitance.
Yes with the upcoming Fitbit Flex Wireless activity Plus Sleep Wristband in dealdash, Be ready to evaluate your own activity, strength and your activeness in the work. This wristband will track your steps, distance covered, calories burned and your active minutes. This Fitbit Flex Band is like a normal accessory and wear it casually anytime and anywhere even when you are in the shower.

Update yourself with Fitbit Flex Wristband!!!Now a day there is a yawning between us and fitness. Getting fit and maintaining that requires our regular effort that can turn into a drudgery if we lack motivation. This kind of activity trackers is becoming a very popular gadget in this dynamic world.

What’s the Wristband features?

• Fitbit Flex Wristband
• USB charging cable
• USB wireless sync dongle
• Free Fitbit Account

Never stop wearing this slim and stylish wristband and motivation. Even at night, it tracks your sleep and wakes you in the morning by its inbuilt silent alarm. The mounted LED lights shows your day and depicts the work stacking up against your goal.

By wearing this Wristband while you sleep will track how long and well you sleep.

Taking a nice and deep sleep at the right time matters a lot…

The Flex Wristband can be acquired with both small and large sizes. Personalize yourself with the two colors of Wristband – Black and Slate. The Flex Wristband set goals for your activity , view the progress and earn you badges. With the charging cable held in the package, you can charge your battery. The Outstanding DealDash will personify you with the Fitbit Flex Wristband. With the Wireless sync dongle access your status on your computer, tablet or Smartphones. Also update your status with NFC – enabled Android phones.