Ubuntu Studio is one of the flavors of Ubuntu with more antiquity, has almost 10 years of existence, but for many is a complete stranger. The development team wants to change this with the release of version 18.10 and basically they will do it with a “reboot”.

In a recent meeting between the developers behind the project, this was precisely talked about, and to seek to launch the next version with “a bit of astonishment” to get attention again, and one of those things would be to offer a new selection of environments for desk .

The distro for creatives that needs to recover their own creativity

The distro has always been focused on a very specific niche: creatives who want to use Linux as an operating system . Ubuntu Studio comes preloaded with the best open source applications for the creation of content, whether audio, image, graphics or video.

It is a system designed especially for intense work of this type, and at one time had a quite striking design and unique among the flavors of Ubuntu. Since they use XFCE, they have become quite basic in that aspect, it is a light environment and with excellent performance, but the “astonishment” factor does shine a bit because of its absence.

The team is discussing creating a new welcome screen in the style of Ubuntu Mate, offering additional selections of desktop environments, new wallpapers, new website, etc. They have not decided yet, but Mate and Gnome Shell are among the options to explore.

In the discussion several times it was talked about how this “reboot”, or simply referring to the next release of that form, begins to be necessary to get out of stagnation, get attention and also bring more people to get involved.

In fact, they plan this “reboot” for 18.10 and not 18.04 because they are short of collaborators. Ubuntu Studio version 18.04 will not even be LTS as its mother distro, precisely because of the same.

In Ubuntu Studio they want to get out of the stalemate they are in and seek to attract both users and collaborators

In the beginning if you were interested in editing multimedia content and you wanted to use Linux, Ubuntu Studio offered an excellent choice of software already installed and configured , but currently there is really much difference between simply downloading Xubuntu or any other flavor of Ubuntu that calls you more Attention and install the software on your own, especially now that it is so easy with snap and flatpak packages.

It is then an excellent idea that the team is looking for new ways to differentiate themselves and offer something more, especially if you want to get the attention of the creatives, people who usually like their beautiful and well designed systems.