Planning a 2017 wedding and looking for inspiration? Read our guide to the latest trends for wedding invitations which will impress any guest.

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Modern Minimalism

It goes without saying that chic and simple designs are as popular as ever, with a focus on monochrome cards in funky fonts that focus on the important details and less on fancy colours or images.

Beautiful Calligraphy

This year, ornate calligraphy which looks handwritten is totally on trend. You don’t need anything fancy when you have stunning penmanship which looks like it’s come straight from a Jane Austen novel.


This subtle use of colour gives your invites a romantic, delicate feel, whether it’s in pastels or bold colours. It doesn’t have to be over the whole invite, you could just have it as the backing or have them dipped.

A Lined Envelope

Make your invitation more special by including an envelope liner, as it’s the first thing guests will notice when they open up your invite. Liners in stunning prints add a lovely finishing touch and can be matched with a coloured envelope.

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InStyle recommends adding touches of gold leaf to your invitations for the right amount of sophistication. Other metallics such as silver and bronze add a luxurious touch when used sparingly on borders.

Go Rustic

If your wedding is a country affair, go for invitations which are laser-cut with a lace border or band and tie them using brown string and wooden tags. If you’re looking for inspiration, look at handmade wedding invitations from a specialist like

In Touch With Nature

All things green is a definite 2017, from recycled card and paper to invitations which feature foliage and other nature-inspired motifs. Greenery is even Pantone’s Colour of the Year, so it really is hot right now. Floral with a modern twist remains popular too, particularly for vintage-themed weddings.

Geometric Design

Squares, triangles and diamonds are being used to great effect for striking modern invitations. Bold black and white lines give a contemporary feel and can be mixed with bright colours for an eye-catching design.

Head This Way

You can let your guests know exactly where they’ll be heading for your nuptials with an invite printed on a hand-drawn map of your chosen spot. You can add personal details or highlight local attractions too.