Regardless of whether you already have an existing website or are thinking of having one developed for the first time, there are some things that you should be aware of when it comes to trends in website design. As we all know, having an effective website can do a lot for your business – and if you have all the right elements in place, you can begin reaping the benefits.

Here, then, are a few trends to watch out for when it comes to website design in 2017:

Better, more enhanced typography with the use of 3D

A better and more enhanced typography is one trend that you will most likely see this year. With the use of more advanced graphics and 3-dimensional effects, you can expect to see much better illustrations and typography, especially in the form of overlays in colour, shadows, and levels or gradients.

Colour seems to be coming back in a big way, and designers are making use of it to increase depth in a website, making it look more attractive, efficient, and relevant. The trend in multiple dimensionalities will add character and personality to your website and make it look more contemporary and modern as well.

On the heels of better and more enhanced typography is something called responsive typography? Since there are more sizes for viewports and the user’s reading distance can vary, you will need more than one scale type so you can adapt your website to different user experiences. You have to make sure that reading your website’s content will be convenient for the user, whether they are reading it at arm’s length or even from across the room. A typeface that is ready for any screen is becoming more of a must.


The use of full screen displays

Nothing grabs the attention of visitors more than a full on, full screen display – be it a video, an image, or other types of media. Bolder websites are the norm nowadays, and this isn’t surprising considering the fact that we have always been attracted to large media images, video, and what-not. These bolder displays are ultimately more engaging and immersive, allowing the visitor to experience what your brand is all about. The key is creating a sort of ‘digital canvas’ where you can display more of what your brand and business is prepared to offer – and at the end of the day, visitors to your site will undoubtedly be impressed and more likely to do business with you.

Along with this comes the use of larger text as well as better-quality, higher resolution images. Based on recent advancements in the Internet (such as better bandwidths and more up-to-date browsers), it’s the perfect time to enhance your website’s text and images.

Long scrolling

Nowadays, many Internet users tend to ‘scroll’ rather than ‘click’ when they are browsing the Internet and various websites. So another trend to look out for is long scrolling, where website content will have to become simpler to allow for better scrolling for users. This is especially true for websites with a focus on selling and marketing.