Social Security is a type of government benefits program designed to provide assistance to those who cannot work. The amount you get usually depends on the amount that you paid into the fund, your age and the level of your disability or impairment. Children of one or more deceased parents can apply for benefits to receive assistance based on their parent’s own payments. Even after you jump through all the hoops to get your benefits, there are some issues that may keep you from drawing those funds.

You Go to Work

Not everyone who receives SS benefits receive enough money to cover their monthly expenses. You may find that you do not have enough to pay your utility bills and your rent or mortgage or that you need more cash to pay for groceries and other things. Though you may feel tempted to go back to work and get a job, doing so can make your benefits stop. As soon as the government learns that you have a job, it can significantly reduce the amount of benefits that you earn or determine that you no longer need any extra help.

Increase in Assets

Many people receive SS benefits because they do not have many assets. When applying for benefits, you must list anything that you own that is worth money such as a car, a home or a piece of property. If the government learns that you had an increase in assets after qualifying, it can strip you of your benefits. A good example of this is someone who gets married. Even if your new spouse also receives benefits, the two of you together will now have more financial assets than you did before, which can make the government end your benefits.

Felony Convictions

Very few convicted felons set up to break the law and get a criminal record, but if you do, you may lose the benefits that you currently receive. The federal government can limit your benefits or strip your benefits completely after you receive a felony conviction. Though you have the right to apply again once you get out of jail or receive another type of conviction such as probation, there is no guarantee that you will get the same amount you did before or even that the government will approve your application.

Getting SS benefits can feel like an answer to your prayers because you get financial assistance that you can use for your rent or mortgage and other bills. If you lose your benefits or do not qualify, you can contact a social security lawyer. Lawyers can explain any risk factors that might cause you to lose the benefits that you need.