The fridge is one of the most useful appliances in the home. We rely on it daily to keep our food fresh, and to store items so that they don’t need to be used up at once. Here are ten top foods that we partially eat and then store in the fridge for later use.


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Cooked chicken

Unless you’re having the whole family over for lunch, many of us refrigerate leftovers from a cooked chicken. It should be refrigerated within two hours of cooking and wrapped tightly in foil or placed in an airtight container.

Tinned foods

Many of us only use some of the contents of a tin of food at once, storing the rest in the fridge. According to the NHS never put open cans in the fridge, as the metal may transfer to the can’s contents. Place the contents in a covered bowl instead.

Cartons of soup

A large carton of soup may suffice for a couple of lunches, so store soup in an airtight container for up to three or four days. Make sure it has cooled before putting the remainder in the fridge.

Cooked leftover dishes

If we have made too much of a homemade dish, then it usually gets put in the fridge for later use. According to Food Safety News refrigerate leftovers within two hours of cooking food and eat within two days.


Lots of people put bread in the fridge, in the belief that it will stay fresher for longer. In actual fact, putting bread in your fridge causes it to dry out quicker. Consider freezing surplus bread instead.


An uncut melon can be stored at room temperature, but once it has been cut into, the rest can be stored in the fridge for up to five days. Cover it with cling film to keep it fresh, and don’t remove the seeds, as this can cause the flesh to dry out. Many domestic fridges and those used for commercial refrigeration, such as those offered by have fridge drawers where fruit such as melon can be optimally stored.

Pasta sauces

Half-used jars of pasta sauces are often a staple of any fridge, but how long will they last? If the sauce was handled carefully, not left open for an extended period or used with a clean spoon, for example, you can expect it to last for about one or two weeks in the fridge.


There are lots of different savoury and sweet pie dishes that may not be eaten at once and will require refrigeration. Most will last about two-four days in the fridge, if carefully stored in an airtight container or wrapped in cling film.


Cream is used to add flavour and richness to a number of sweet and savoury dishes, but you may only need to use part of the carton or pot. Once opened, liquid cream will last about five days in the fridge.


Many people store half-opened bars of chocolate in the fridge. Beware of placing chocolate next to strong-flavoured food such as onion or garlic, as the chocolate can absorb these powerful odours.