Canada is a country that is found in North America and it consists of 10 provinces and three territories. The country is located in the northern part of the continent and has extended form the Atlantic to the Pacific and into the Arctic ocean in the northern ward. By total area Canada is the second largest country by total area in the world and its border with United States is the longest land border in the world that is being shared by the same two countries. Canada is a country that has travel destinations and the following is a list of the most luxury destinations.

Top 5 Luxury Travel Destinations In Canada

Vancouver – this is a young city with no much history but has a lot of scenery. The city is surrounded by beaches and mountains and it is a both urban and a natural playground. Some of the things that can be of interest here include chic atmosphere, high fashion boutiques and consciousness in healthy eating.

Banff – the place is in the foothills of Canadian rocks and is a tiny mountain town which is a haven for luxury seekers and nature enthusiasts. People who visit here mostly spend their time skiing or hiking before retiring to their hotels where you can have some therapy in one of the spas. There are also shops and it’s a good place for nightlife.

Montreal – this is the best place for skyscrapers where they can rub their elbows in Vieux Montreal with the 17th century architecture. Montreal also happens to be world class shopping district during the day and by the night it becomes a party scene.

Toronto – this is a town that is composed of cultural pockets like Greektown, little India and Koreatown. Toronto is a massive city that after visiting there you will feel as you have been around the world. It is a home to the second tallest tower in the world, the town with the longest street in Canada and the town with the largest underground shopping mall.

Ottawa – this is the capital city of Canada and has a lot you can go for to explore. It is small in size and this has made it to be manageable. It is a town with personable atmosphere and a number of museums and cultural sites that are very desirable.

Quebec City – this is one city in Canada that is known to charm its visitors its 17th and 18th century buildings. The city has enchanting aromas of the fresh breads that have been baked and brewing espressos that emerge from doorways to windows that fills the streets with an essence of Paris.

Canada is a country that has a lot to offer for you to explore and even activities that you can participate on before you relax into their best hotels. You can hire a car and drive yourself around for you to get the real picture of the amazing scenery. Plan and prepare yourself in time by making sure first that all your travel documents are ready including doing an uk driving theory test in good time to avoid delays.