Although I have the closet that I cannot close, I always end up putting the same! The basics! As if from the school uniform I will try too many mornings, if I do not have meetings or things like that, I grab jeans, a T-shirt, a jacket (it’s still cold) and some ballerinas and ready!!! It’s the wildcard look! To work, to go out for drinks, to go shopping … For everything! Of course, you have to know how to complement it! And the ideal complement is a pashmina!

The celebrities know it and they take advantage of it! And is that with a pashmina you give your look the touch you need! Vanessa Hudgens, our look of the week, perfectly combines pashmina and handbag, Reese Witherspoon gives it a touch of color, Rachel Bilson is a big fan of this complement.

No matter the time or the place because it offers infinite possibilities .Charlize Theron chooses black for the night, Heidi Klum with shines. More narrows, wider.

And in practice, you can do with a lot of them anywhere. In the market stalls you usually have the basics in a lot of colors, in Accessorize there is great variety, yes, they are a bit more expensive. Stripes, metallic tones, fringes, without them, floral prints … The top three I have signed in your web!

And the pashminas below are from H & M, cheaper but less to choose from … H & M and its complements go by gusts, sometimes I would take everything and, on the other hand, I would not take anything. I’ve done a few photos that I have in my possession and these are the ones that I wear the most. The first three are H & M, in fact the third is already famous because the Pataky was wearing a dress also H & M, and the fourth is Mango, very cute, pink stick, with chocolate stripes on one side and with polka dots for the other.

Other stores where you can buy them is in Imagine, Blanco (last season there was a green with gold polka dots … ideal !!!), Zara, the Fantastic Company, Bershka, Stradivarius … And if you have a hand, you can put it in my hair, I love Serena’s hairstyle , Blake Lively, in the series Gossip Girl (not to mention the dress … I would sell my soul to the devil or whoever it was for him), what happens is that since I do not have that mane (I’m becoming aware of no More cuts of hair), I have left it impossible, but I will continue trying … Or in turbaned plan with the locks falling gracefully is another hairstyle very cool and much simpler than Serena’s hairstyle.