Our cities and their streets would be very different if small businesses did not exist . But the reality is that either things change a lot or we will see how the landscape of our cities changes inexorably. He has been doing it for years. And the transformation of small businesses in the 21st century is essential .

They can continue to blame customers, who now prefer to buy on the Internet, large stores and chains with constant offers or franchises that can invest much more in advertising. The small business has it complicated to compete. Impossible if you use the same marketing techniques XX century or expect to keep the customer who passes in front of your door.

The consumer today has much more information about a product sometimes than the seller who offers it. Know the specifications of the product, has seen reviews of an expert on the Internet. When he arrives at the small store he has almost made the purchase decision . And if you come across a seller who does not know how to recommend you will leave the door empty-handed, possibly to buy online what they did not know how to sell in the small store.

In many cases small businesses do not advise, they do not have an expert in their field to guide their purchase to the customer . It simply has someone who dispatches what they ask for. And for this today the consumer has many more options than the store in his neighborhood or downtown. Internet also dispatches, large stores also do it and usually at a more competitive price.

If we add to this that we sell the same thing that can be found in other establishments, the truth is that we are giving few reasons for someone to cross the door and become our client. Those who buy at the last minute, people who do not buy online or tourists and clueless. Our target audience is reduced, but above all we do not have a loyal customer that comes back again and again because what we have they like.

Or the small business understands this or many of these stores will end up languishing until they disappear little by little. It is hard enough to carry a small business that is profitable, such as to be balancing to get to the end of the month or seeing that this month we do not come with the impulse of the rebates or the margin is getting smaller.