More than 60% of women cannot return to the previous form after childbirth. However, everyone, some women have extra weight and are left, very lucky. How to reduce your weight after birth? There are several easy ways to say good-bye to no pound without losing the strength to sacrifice your free time. The main difficulty of weight loss for moms, this is the possibility of loss of milk during meals.

1) Do not expect weight loss after pregnancy will come by itself. Best things – just do them. Metabolism is completely transformed into energy instead of eating as if the entire food goes fat after going lost, so as not to delay. If you start eating properly at the same time, all your body systems are operating normally and food is not going to be on the side.

2) I will eat more fruits and fresh vegetables. This is your loyal helper in the fight against ugly folds. Also try exchanging flour and sweet fruits. If your usual dish has not gotten refused, you are in compliance with that measure. For example, in some cases, I have not eaten a cake or pasta since 7 o’clock. And try to shape your diet.

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3) It is very good if a young woman is included in your diet cereal. Indeed, do we advise skim milk in extreme cases, to boil water?

4) If you want to lose weight after pregnancy without harm you will make your own meal. Many mothers eat 1-2 times if the baby is sleeping or if the baby gets shiny. The woman will run into the fridge, so it will hurt your body and fill your stomach with nausea. This is not harmful only for your appearance; it is dangerous to your health. Not only that, because you can cause more breast milk to disappear, you can bring yourself to fatigue. If you eat slowly you need more time. Keep track of your menu as little as possible to the allergen. Please eat my mother, then remember everything the child eats with milk. If the child shows a skin rash, you should consult your allergic specialist to identify the product that caused the allergy to the baby.

5) I will walk with her baby with a burden not taking it every day. Walking is very useful for young creatures and exhausted for my mother, exhausted. Two hours of daily walk, please exchange hours per gym. But in any case do not rely on violent physical exercise at the gym. The posture of women can be compared with the postoperative period. The body cannot overwork too much. Just two weeks after birth, you can warm up. If there is a seam after a simple exercise that gives birth, exercise and joints with no pain at the event.

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6) Please try as much as you can to feed the baby’s milk. Many mothers complain of chest pain during milk stay. However, breastfeeding abandons breastfeeding if it does not do rash. It is interesting to know that breastfeeding mothers need to consume calories.

7) An important step by losing weight is thought to cleanse the body. Improving metabolism is caused by removing toxins and harmful substances. Body cleansing – This is an excellent work of the intestines by losing extra kilos, so steady progress. The doctor recommends applying sorbent to purify the body. But, most importantly, care of the mother softly that these drugs act on the body. Such adsorbents should not contain further chemical additives and dyes.

8) Easier drink of clean water. By comparison, one kilometer of oranges contains 400 calories and 1 liter of fruit juice is 900 calories. To ease the task of losing weight, we will balance your diet. Better than throwing pasta left behind in the bucket, please do not eat for the whole family and the child.

9) Very nature will help to get rid of extra weight. After birth hormone change. As the body does not accumulate energy reserves for the future, the body is no longer set for birth. And the amount of food you use during pregnancy should itself be reduced.

And keep in mind that health is very dangerous after birth, because it loses weight rapidly. If you succumb to the “lazy mood” of the body you cannot always win suitable mood you can change 42 to 42 in size of clothes if not overweight!