If you have an elderly relative, you probably realise by now that they would much rather remain in their own home for as long as possible. It could be that you are concerned about a fall or an illness or whether they are eating properly and taking their medication. Thankfully there are many ways that you can help them to retain their independence at home for as long as possible. Home is somewhere familiar where we can be ourselves and feel comfortable. This is where we connect to our family, friends and social networks and the thought of leaving such a place puts added stress on elderly relatives.  If it means them still living independently but perhaps living in a smaller house then perhaps a Removal Companies Essex way could help them relocate with very little hassle.  After all a house is bricks and mortar and a home is where you live and love. 

People heal better and recuperate better when they are looked after at home and of course, if there are family pets, then being at home means there are no separation issues to contend with. There are many services that offer home care which will help the elderly stay independent. Sometimes all that is needed is a friendly face to call in and make sure everything is ok. Another great idea for independence is a mobility scooter which will enable the individual to get out and about, whether it’s just to the shops or a day out with family and friends. These can be hired on a daily basis or purchased for use anytime.

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Being independent gives us a sense of purpose and self-worth, without which life can feel boring and meaningless. Nobody wants to feel like a burden on others and so the greatest gift you can give is to help people retain their independence for as long as possible.  If someone can’t stand for long but wants to help with cooking then there’s no reason why they can’t peel potatoes sitting down! Install a wet room so they can safely shower if getting in and out of a bath might cause issues. If you’re worried about trips and falls then check all walking areas are free of clutter and that there aren’t any trailing wires or cables. Make sure there are handrails and no missing light bulbs. These fairly simple steps can make staying at home an easier option.

There are many gadgets available that can aid people at home. Grab rails, bath seats and even shower seats that fix to the wall mean that washing can be done whilst seated. Raised toilet seats and long handled sponges are available to help in the bathroom, along with electric toothbrushes to make personal hygiene easier. In the kitchen there are things like sliding shelves, electric can openers, fat handled cutlery and two handled cups and mugs for those who have trouble gripping. There are many gadgets for the bedroom too including bed raisers, button fasteners, dressing sticks and long handled window openers. Telephones with large buttons and lights that flash instead of a ringing tone can be useful if hearing becomes an issue.