It doesn’t matter if you only have a small garden, you can still find a tree to enhance it. A beautiful tree can act as a focal point to a small garden and it can add an additional layer of privacy for overlooked properties. Consider attracting lots of local wildlife by planting a tree with berries or enjoy the benefits and bounty of a fruit tree, like a pear or apple tree.

If you’re uncertain of the best location to plant a tree, consider planting it in a pot. That way it can be moved around and taken with if you relocate. Shrubs are another solution for a small garden, such as lilac or vibernum. Here are some ideal tree types for smaller gardens:

Japanese maples

Small Japanese maples are very slow to grow so you won’t need to worry about overcrowding your garden. They give off a brilliant colour in autumn and grow in an attractive shape.

Crab apple

These trees offer abundant food for wildlife with brightly coloured fruit and a lovely spring blossom. Space-saving varieties include the Golden Hornet, which grows upright. If you need help with planting trees, you can contact a Dorset Tree Surgeon. For example, Tree Surgeon Dorset offers a reliable and professional service.

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A Rowan makes a perfect small garden tree with berries in the autumn and attractive spring flowers. They are a good size and offer lots of food for wildlife. Look for species such as Sorbus forrestii and Sorbus wardii.


Peach trees are a great size for a smaller space and contrary to popular belief are very hardy in the British climate. To ensure a good crop of fruit, plant in a sunny, sheltered and warm location away from any chance of suffering from frost in the colder months.


Many Magnolias are too big for a small garden however, smaller species are available. Look for species such as Magnolia wilsonii or stellate which grow to be much shorter.

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Snow gum

This tree has something going on all year round. The bark is an interesting cream, grey and cream patchwork and the leaves are an evergreen grey-green hue. During the summer, it presents with beautiful white flowers.

Ornamental cherries

For sheer beauty, the spring blossom of the ornamental cherry is glorious and perfect for pollinators too. This is a tree for making a statement and helping your local wildlife, so it’s a great choice.


Birches can grow to be over 30m in height, so for a smaller space choose a shorter growing birch like Betula utilis or Jacquemontii. The white stems offer a stunning contrast to other foliage in the garden.


A hardy palm is a good choice for suiting many different styles of garden. Smaller and tougher varieties include the Mexican blue palm and the Mediterranean fan palm.