Many of us take the space above our heads for granted. Whether this is missing out of a beautiful skyline whilst you are walking through the park or even forgetting about the space on top of your roof at home. Your roof is incredibly important as it is one of the keys parts of making your home its own little environment and when doing anything to your roof you should enlist the services of a Roofing company Cheltenham like Having solar panels installed on your roof has been popular for many years not only as it helps with the impact that non-renewable energy sources have on the environment but also for the positive impact that it can have on your energy bills. But one way to utilise the space on your roof (in particular flat roofs) that is starting to gain great popularity is that of roof top spaces.

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You can create a rooftop garden regardless of the size of your roof, but it is a good idea to contact your roofing company first to make sure that your plants won’t interfere with the construction of your roof or affect its waterproofing qualities. There are some incredible examples of rooftop gardens throughout the world.

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New York City is one place where rooftop spaces are almost standard practice and are popular at the top of apartment blocks. It is one of the ways that you can enjoy this city’s spectacular skyline. The Tribeca Penthouse Garden for example boasts some impressive wooden patio style areas surrounded by prairie style grasses all encompassing a hot tub made from stainless steel. What better way to enjoy a moonlit night than relaxing in the hot tub on the rooftops of New York.

In Milan you could be forgiven for thinking that some of the rooftop gardens are in actual fact standard garden spaces. The designers of these gardens have created some incredible areas, one in particular is the Romolo Private Terrace. On this rooftop three distinctive areas have been created including a dining area, lounge area and even a cosy relaxation space all whilst working with the open plan layout. Planting troughs have been created and are used as a way of demarcating each of the areas. These planters are filled with varieties of geraniums, sedums and Japanese maples.

Rooftop areas can be used for everything from relaxation areas, cosy areas to enjoy the evening sky and even a space to grow your own fruits and vegetables.