Every brand starts with people and places at a certain time. No matter how well they are doing, each has an origin story about how it came to be and this needs to remain the foundation of the whole ethos. Don’t forget your roots!

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What is your brand DNA? This should be just five words which define it, one strong concept. Brand DNA does not necessarily need to communicate everything about it, just walk the walk.


Brand codes are all the things which make your brand recognisable to the consumer. These might include your logo, but also things which are not quite so tangible – the feel of the brand and the general ethos of the company. It is no longer necessary to stick rigidly to the exact logo and typeface in every communication – think Google and its daily doodle.

Change for consistency

Although this sounds like a contradiction in terms, actually brands must continuously move forward, change and progress in order to maintain consistency. Brands must respond to and act in reaction to the here and now.

No more vanilla

While vanilla is rarely a flavour people dislike, no-one is raving about it either. The same goes for a brand. It is important to go beyond safe and bland and differentiate from others. Become exclusive, choose a specific target audience and do everything you can to appeal to just them. Enough trying to please everyone as the mass market cannot get your brand to where you need it to be. Segmentation first and targeting second. Enlist the help of a brand and strategy innovation agency, such as

What marketers say is not important to the consumer.

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The top brands will tell you not to force messages through mass media channels. The creators, who are closest to the product, are the ones to get the message across about the product or service you are offering. They will have a unique enthusiasm for it which will come across organically to the consumer.

Premium power

Decide from the start what the reason is behind each product line. What do you hope to achieve with it? Some will be there solely to make money while others will be produced simply as an exercise in brand management. Knowing which is which is essential.