Losing a pet can be very sad and traumatic, and it can be helpful to your healing process to memorialise your pet in some way. Here are some ways to honour the memory of your furry friend.

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Write a tribute

Writing feelings down on paper or typing them up onscreen can be a good outlet for feelings of grief and serve as a way to remember your pet. A poem, story, or letter to your pet are some of the forms this type of tribute could take.


Displaying a favourite photo of your pet is another way of making sure they remain in your thoughts. A collection of pictures of your pet throughout their life is a good way to remind yourself of the happy times you shared together.


A portrait painted by an artist can really capture the essence of your old friend. Working from a photograph, a talented artist can produce a fitting tribute to your pet that you can treasure.

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Get crafty

Can you paint, embroider or needle felt a tribute to your departed friend? A handmade memento can feel all the more special if you craft it yourself.


A nice way to honour your pet’s memory is by planting a tree. Some parks feature small plots that can be purchased in memory of pets, or you could find a suitable spot in your own garden for a beautiful reminder of your friend.


Many bronze animal sculpturers take commissions to remember departed pets, such as http://www.gillparker.com/. Place it in your pet’s favourite spot in their honour.

Good cause

A donation to a cause connected with your pet can serve as a touching tribute. If they passed away through illness, consider contributing to the search for a cure.


Animal welfare organisations are always in need of donations, and in return, it may be possible to have a plaque placed in your pet’s honour as a fitting tribute.


There are several websites where you can post an online tribute to your pet, sometimes with a photo. It can feel uplifting to tell others about the special times you shared.


A special urn to hold your friend’s ashes is a good way to honour their memory. Place it in a significant spot to remember your pet every day.