Have you heard about the new 2017 Ford GT? The revolutionary supercar that is based on the one that wowed people at the 2016 Le Mans 24 hour rally? Want one?

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Well, you can’t. They’ve not released the final price yet, but it’s not expected to be much south of $300,000. And even the super-rich can’t get hold of one.

Full Order Books

Only 250 are being rolled out of the Ontario works every year, and the books are full for the next three years. Reports suggest that only ten will make it to this side of the pond in the first release.

Let’s hope that the GT’s incredible lightweight carbon-fibre body and aerodynamic styling will be properly looked after by their lucky British owners. If they need alloy wheel refurbishment in Cambridge, say, they will hopefully take any problems to businesses such as http://www.acefinishcarrepairs.com/diamond-cutting-alloy-wheels-huntingdon-peterborough-cambridge-st-ives-st-neots.html.

But there are some ways in which this car will benefit the average driver.


Consider the technical and mechanical innovations that Ford came up with for this beauty. For a start, a cutting-edge fighter jet normally runs two million lines of computer code and a modern airliner six million, while the Ford 2017 GT uses ten million.

And although the engine is indeed based on the record-breaking Le Mans racing version, Ford have created a whole new power box for their road-going flagship with their 3.5-litre V6 EcoBoost two-turbo petrol engine that has, amazingly, been developed with an eye to fuel economy. And even though it will push out 600 horse power, it will have an enhanced power range, making it more stable and suitable for the street than its pit-crew-maintained cousin.

The dash too echoes the track with a ten-inch set-up optimized so that only the most relevant information is displayed, with the graphics calibrated to reduce driver fatigue and eye strain.

And the bottom line of all this technology? The desire by Ford to use the GT as a showcase but also to trial ground-breaking technology, like the rear spoilers that adjust automatically to give a firmer ride, that will filter down to every vehicle in its range.

The head of Ford development, Raj Nair, maintains that while he is certain devotees will love the new supercar, ‘all our customers will benefit’.