The attitudes of men are often very strange. Even when it is they who end the couple and for reasons that may seem incomprehensible, again looking for us. If you want to know why this happens, do not stop reading what follows.

# 1 is boring

This can mean two things, that his new partner is not what he expected or does not like being alone and looking back with you to pass the time.

# 2 No desire to start again

Another of the reasons why you still looking for a man is that has no desire to start over again with a new partner. This means it is more than likely not want to start with courtship, dating, and with a new relationship.

reasons why a man will keep looking

# 3 I strange

Yes, that can happen. Especially if the hard couple of years and went through a lot. Despite quarrels, separation, and conflict, love can still exist.

# 4 You are repentant

When a man leaves a woman, you may sometimes regret the decision you have taken. This happens especially if he begins to look into the past and find memories that make you regret leaving.

# 5 is sure to return

While he was gone, you may think you have the right to return when you want to. Especially if you use words and honeyed phrases like “please baby, I love you.” The problem with this is that kind of guys they come and go as they care little about each other’s feelings and only seek to avoid that feeling of guilt that overwhelms.

# 6 You broke up with the relationship

If you were the one who ended the relationship and you have a new partner or you know a guy, your ex may appear because some men have the ability to sense when you are happy again. The solution to this? Cut all contacts that unite them, because sooner or later people have in common may be the cause of his comeback.

# 7 Only looking for sex

When a man is frustrated with his partner in sexual matters, it is likely to look for other people to have sex. And who better than a former already knows your taste?

You see, these are some of the reasons why a man comes back to get you. What do you think? Do you feel identified? Tell us.