The living room is a vital hub of any home. Host to cosy family nights in front of the television, marathon board game sessions or simply quiet contemplation, your lounge fulfils many functions. Therefore, it’s essential you give a lot of thought to the style of lighting you choose.

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Lighting in any room is so much more than just helping you to avoid the dark. Yes, it can be practical and functional, but is also plays a big role in the ambience and mood you create for any particular space.

In a living room, you may find that you need different types of lighting: ambient lighting for cosy evenings, lighting to accentuate particular features in the room, or lighting to help you perform tasks, such as reading.

Whatever you need for your living room, here are some ideas to inspire you to use lighting to create the stylish space you’ve always dreamed of.

Contemporary lighting

Simple can be striking, especially in modern living rooms. Do not be afraid to opt for something unusual and dramatic. In addition to providing the type of lighting you need, many make stunning artistic features, too.

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Wall lights

Wall lights can really help to soften a room by allowing light to bounce around. Warm wall lighting will create a cosy feel and banish the harsh lighting that can be created by overhead bulbs.

A minimalist look

Sometimes, simple downlights are all you need. Creating even, simple lighting, they can provide understated elegance.

If you go for this option, remember that the fitting of these lights is really important. Always use downlight covers around the light to protect against heat loss and potential fire risks. This is particularly important if you are fitting lights into loft spaces, where they could come into contact with insulation. Covers can easily be purchased online at retailers offering downlight covers.

Remember, you should always use a registered electrician to carry out any electrical work in your home. You can find out if an electrician is registered at

There are so many ways you can light your living room. Even stringing up fairy lights can add instant atmosphere. Look at what you need and the feel you want to create, then go ahead and make it happen!