September always means the return to routine. For most of us is the end of the holiday and recovery of our daily routine. For this reason many people known as triggers post – holiday syndrome or post – holiday depression. We at this time we will stop at a point to consider when prevent this from happening. To get to stand up recommend sport for several reasons.

Sport is good for all aspects of our lives, and post – holiday depression was not going to be less. So we want to do a review of the reasons for which it is one of the best ways to deal with around this.

Sport, the best medicine against depression post vacacionalSport, source of happiness

First it is important to keep in mind that sport in our body triggers a series of chemical processes. In particular we must mention the generation of endorphins that occurs as a result of physical activity. Endorphins are known as the happiness hormone, so the increased activity through sport help us get a better mood so youcan deal differently around the routine.

Escape from the stresses

Another point to consider is what the sport when relieving tension and stress aside. The return to routine can be a stressful situation in many cases. It is therefore necessary to find a way out to help us stay relaxed and help us release tension. Sport is one of the best ways there when releasing adrenaline get this and that then we will provide a state of relaxation.

One way to re-adjust schedules

In many cases , schedule changes and nutritional alterations during the holidays make it harder to fall back routine. Exercise can be a good way to adjust our biological clock . The way that the sport will achieve be more tired at night so youcan sleep better. To this we must add also the rest will be much deeper and better quality.

A challenge that will keep us excited

Finally we must bear in mind that sport can be a challenge in many cases. It is a new stimulus that we will face and that for many will be a way to face the back otherwise. Set new goals, new objectives, new activities … Everything is a compendium of actions that will help us to divert attention to the sport and thus achieve a better state of face that we adopt the routine before going on holiday.