It is very appropriately said that we’re living in a virtual world these days. First, the information technology revolution and then the communication revolution have spared people from many complexities of life. Staying in touch is no longer a problem, no matter in which corner of the world your loved one is at the moment. The world has shrunk definitely; our desktops have become the new lifeline. It can do anything and everything, from staying in touch to shopping the necessary items even without stepping outside the home. All that you need is just a click away.

Online shopping is the trend these days. From cigarettes to solitaires – everything is bought and sold online. Let us have a look at the pros and cons of this very recent development.

Benefits of online shopping:

  • First and foremost, the same item is available at the half the cost of the brick-n-mortar store price.
  • In certain cases, you save a good bit of money in the form of saving tax. For instance, ordering cigarettes from any online smoke shop can help you sidetrack the taxes. This is because the Native American sites sell from tribal lands which are outside the purview of the tax laws that are applicable on the adjacent town, and then there are other duty-free sites as well.
  • More than often the number of choices, in terms of brands that the e-commerce sites offer to the customers is simply breathtaking. There are the ‘economy brands’, the ‘value brands’ and the ‘premium brands’. However, when you intend to try new brands, online shopping isn’t the ideal option. Usually, when ordered online, you have to order in bulk. Going back to the example of cigs, it is only a carton that can be ordered, you don’t like it you’re at loss.
  • For those, who hate gliding through the jampacked corridors of the shopping malls, though each and every alley of the retail outlets – here is a brand new shop, there on your system. You need not move, a simple click and a swipe and the products you need get delivered at your address.
  • Last but not the least, these virtual shops are definitely the ideal option, especially when taking out time from your hectic schedule to visit the local store becomes a serious headache

Just be a little organized

If the list of benefits is so long and alluring, then why don’t you save a few dollars by trying the online buying option? But like every good thing on the face of the earth, online shopping also comes with little glitches. The glitch here is, if you intend to shop online you need to plan well in advance. For obvious reasons, it takes a good two-three days and sometimes even more for the product of your choice to be delivered at your doorstep. Shipping time, perhaps this is the only place where the convenience stores score over the online shopping sites.

But this isn’t much of a headache, for most of the items you can have a plan chalked out as to when you need them. For instance, there are certain monthly buy items. The requirements for these along with other necessities can be charted out. You maintain and follow the chart and you know exactly when to place the order online, you have the adequate stock to last till the next order is being shipped and delivered at your footstep. For the other items, you may need to shed out a little more money from your pockets and get them from your nearest convenience store.

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