Spotify is the inseparable companion of many of us. Whether during the workday, in the hours of study or just while surfing the Internet, have some background music makes any task that much more enjoyable, and even helps concentration and productivity.

But although Spotify already has many good things in themselves, no doubt there are others that can still improve, either because it is features that are not quite well implemented, or simply because Spotify not included yet. Meanwhile, you can use one of these applications to replace them.

Create new playlists, explore all musical genres including Spotify, make a backup of all your profile lists, manage client Spotify web more comfortably … With these applications to complement Spotify you can add to the popular platform streaming all those features that do not yet have.

Seven web applications supervitaminar your SpotifySpotlistr

This site actually contains several utilities with which you can supplement Spotify. In Spotlistr will find tools to make a Spotify playlist from multiple elements : a playlist of YouTube, the most popular songs from, a thread of Reddit, a list of SoundCloud or a simple text file.

After connecting the app with your profile, you just have to enter the URL or data you request the service, and wait a few seconds. Often you’ll get more than one result for each song, so you have to select the version you prefer. Once you have everything, at the bottom of the page you’ll see a field to put a name to your list and a button to create it.

The Set Listener

If you like a particular singer or group, it is safer to follow already in Spotify, or even have a playlist with all his discography. But if you also want to remember the good times you’ve been seeing them in concert , you can use a service like The Set Listener.

This online application is able to generate a playlist of songs that Spotify with a certain artist has sung in his latest concert. Just indicate the name of the singer or group in question, and The Set Listener make the corresponding search, creating in a few seconds one based on the setlist of his last concert, you can then save directly to your Spotify list.

Every Noise at Once

In Spotify there are more than 1,400 music genres and subgenres , which contained all the music is categorized in its streaming platform. And of course, having so many is quite tricky to navigate them or explore alternative genres to discover new artists and new songs.

Luckily, you have an application like Every Noise at Once, showing all genres included in Spotify in a similar to the “cloud tags” that you find on many websites format. With this graph is easier to know what’s in Spotify genres, explore their sound and even discover some of the groups that belong to it.

How it works Every Noise at Once? Click the name of a genus to hear a sample of the style of music, and beam then click the symbol >> to move to a new tag cloud. Here you will see names of bands and artists belonging to that genre. Again, a click on the group name gives you a sample of their music, and if you click on >>, will open directly your page on Spotify.

The Playlist Miner

This is another service that generates playlists based on a keyword you provide to us. The Playlist Miner will use that keyword to locate the most popular playlists related to it, which in itself is fine because you discover new lists interesting to follow.

But this application goes a little further, and those lists, allows you to find the best songs (by clicking the “Find top tracks” button) and creating with them a kind of list of“best of the best” also you can save to your Spotify. It is especially useful when looking for songs for an event or a particular activity (for a wedding or a party, to go jogging, etc.).

Sort Your Music

In the Spotify app you have several options to sort songs in your playlists: alphabetically by song title, artist name or album title, by duration or as long they have been on the list. But if you miss more management options, here you have the tool you need.

With Sort Your Music You can sort songs from a specific playlist by seven new criteria: the song tempo (BPM), energy, whether or not danceable, volume, positivism, whether or not acoustic, and whether or not it is popular. Once you have the list sorted by any of these new criteria, you can save it again in Spotify.


If for any reason you are changing Spotify account, you face a tough job to copy and paste lists and forth. Unless, of course, you use SpoyMyBackup.

With this tool you can export all your profile information Spotify (ie, songs and playlists) to a JSON file, then use it to import that information into a new Spotify account from the same tool.

Is the type of utility that may not need to use very often, but you can save a lot of workday that you need.

Spotify Web Player Hotkeys

We finished the list with a Chrome extension that can be useful if you use the web player Spotify , rather than the desktop client. With Spotify Web Player Hotkeys you can control music playback using keyboard shortcuts .

To see what keyboard shortcuts are configured, and change them if you want for a few own, go to the page management and Chrome extensions at the bottom of the page please click “Keyboard shortcuts”.

This is much more comfortable to pause, skip to the next song or any other activity without having to be constantly changing tab in the browser and making use of the mouse to do so.