SEO Agency London is exactly what you need if you’re looking to expand your Internet reach. You already understand that growing your online presence is not just about having a great website and carefully crafted content. Granted, it is lovely to have it, but what’s the point if no one finds it? After all, did you create your website to look at it in your spare time, or to attract new customers and do some serious business? If you’re dedicated to growing your business online, then finding a reliable SEO agency London partner is a logical next step for you. You may have heard that SEO is something you can do yourself. Well-wishers may have given you pieces of advice such as: all you need to do is to use the right keywords. Or: all you need is links from other websites. Not really. Let us explain why SEO is not something you can do as a diversion during your coffee break.

If you’re only just starting to grow your business online, you may be bootstrapping. You may want to achieve as much as possible by yourself. You may even ask friends and family for help. This is all great, that’s how many successful businesses started. But there are two things you really need a digital marketing agency London to do for you, or you’ll be risking losing your clients or never getting any in the first place. They are: web design and SEO. At Abacus Marketing, we can help you with both, but let’s concentrate on SEO and why it’s vital to your business. You can think of SEO as a head-start. Climbing to the top of Google ranking is a race. It’s a tough race that only the smartest, the most up-to-date and the most persistent can win. SEO is a 24/7 effort. Can you allocate that much time to a single aspect of your business?

A professional SEO agency London such as Abacus Marketing can do it for you. The Internet never sleeps and we will work round the clock to improve your rankings until you get to that coveted number one position. Let’s discuss the two most important aspects of SEO. First: keyword-rich, engaging content. It is crucial to establish what actual phrases your customers are typing into their search engines. There is a number of tools that can help with keyword research and it is one of our areas of expertise. It’s a little bit like mind reading. You know what your potential customer is going to type into Google and there you have a website ready to answer this exact question. Apart from that, there are also technical aspects of the HTML structure of your website – your pages need to have the right titles, descriptions etc., this is called on-page optimisation.

The second most important aspect of SEO is building a network of trust. At Abacus Marketing, we offer a wide spectrum of off-page SEO and this includes creating a relevant link network, building online authority and managing social media. The more people talk about you, the more mentions and links there are to your website, the more trustworthy you appear to search engines. It builds your credibility and authority. But you have to be very careful when choosing your SEO partner, some companies still utilise black hat SEO tactics, which will get you penalised by search engines and hinder your rankings. Buying links, link farming, these are all dodgy techniques you should stay away from at all times. A reputable marketing agency London would never engage in such activities.

Did you know that customers, who arrive at your website through search engines are 10 times more likely to trust you than those who found you through advertising? They are also more likely to find your website relevant, because it is exactly what they were searching for. After all, you had read their minds and anticipated their needs thanks to keyword research. You see, the sooner you start playing the professional SEO game, the further you get ahead of your competitors. And the distance will just keep growing. Are you ready to take the first step? Take a look at our website and check out some of the great companies we already work with. If you have any questions regarding our SEO agency London, please give us a call at 020 8899 6767, or send us an email For news and some great tips on improving your SEO, you can also follow us on Twitter and join our Facebook page. See you around!