The Rack Group is renowned for its ongoing efforts to reduce pallet racking maintenance. Utilising innovative techniques and thinking outside the box, the group has now created Rack Sense, a product that effectively monitors the impact levels on a company’s pallet racking. Rack Sense has been designed with the objective of saving on repair costs and improving safety within warehouses.


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Rack Sense is a sensor that is attached to the inside of a pallet racking’s upright post. Once in place, it monitors impact levels and the strain put on the upright and will notify warehouse staff in real time if the impact shifts or changes.

Averting disaster

Rack Sense has been designed to avoid a potential disaster, as a pallet that falls over can cost a company dearly and could hurt or even kill someone if they happened to be in the way. For those who work with pallet racking in Ireland or another location, this reduces risk dramatically. Pallets have become incredibly popular in a number of ways and are even repurposed; however, they are heavy when stacked, or stored on racks, and this can make them dangerous.

Prior to the invention of Rack Sense, pallet-racking damage may have gone undetected and even forgotten until it was too late. Often those who use or elsewhere will only conduct yearly checks, by which time damage may have progressed past the danger point and catastrophic consequences may occur.

A cutting-edge solution

Rack Sense is able to notify staff of an issue as it happens and will send a notification of the location, date, time and impact velocity to an email account, tablet or phone. The system also allows new information to be added at any time.

Information is stored in a secure ‘Rack Cloud’, which can be accessed via any computer or mobile device and from anywhere. This allows off-site management and the information can be used to compile reports if required; it can even be sent to third parties to process quotes for potential repairs.

The product may sound complex but it is based on a simple theory and works well, with minimal intervention required from staff. Rack Sense is a real game changer and will make it so much simpler for those who manage large storage units, warehouses and other similar facilities.