You probably don’t spend a great deal of time thinking about roof tops but when it comes to engineering for huge buildings, the roof structures are an incredible feat in themselves. Sports stadiums and concert venues are no longer having to cope with inclement weather as the most technologically advanced and innovative designs are being placed atop various different grounds. In the past the main obstacle was the huge cost but now architects are using lighter and more flexible materials which is reducing the cost of the build too. Here are some amazing roofs:

  1. S Bank Stadium, Minneapolis

The Vikings play at this ground that cost $1.1 billion to create. Not only is perfectly designed for the changeable climate in the area but has some solid green credentials too. The see-through roof attracts large amounts of natural light and it can be raised or lowered to provide different views and aspects. A peak in the roof forces hot air to rise, keeping players and spectators cool. The designers also wanted to include a peak shape to reflect the region’s strong Nordic association.

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  1. Huangzhou Stadium, China

This beautiful stadium looks like a flower in bloom as it’s made from 56 linked aluminium petals. The stadium’s design focused on compacting as much of the roof space as possible so uses 2/3 less steel than most arenas. The site is vast and includes other arenas, sports fields, shopping, a convention centre and a public park. It’s a stunning stadium visually and a great example of what can be achieved using far less material. If these roofs have reminded you that you have a roof that could do with some attention then for Flat roofing Evesham, visit

  1. AAMI Park, Melbourne

A bioframe design was used to build this stadium which consists of geodesic domes made of strong triangular components. The roof encompasses most of the seating area and because of its unique frame design, spectators enjoy unobstructed views as there are no pillars or columns. For the purposes of sustainability, the roof also used 50% less steel than another roof design would have needed.


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  1. Wimbledon Centre Court

It might have taken a while but the most iconic centre court in the world recently got its very own retractable roof to prevent play stoppages due to rain. Steel pillars support the breathable fabric skin which can close in 10 minutes. The clever fabric allows lots of natural light to still reach the grass and is supplemented with additional lighting so the space never feels dark or stuffy. The roof also features as air flow system for removing condensation build-up within minutes.

  1. VTB Arena Park, Moscow

In the centre of Moscow’s Petrovsky Park you’ll find two stadiums under one roof. The design is for a brand-new arena and a redevelopment of the old stadium for football team, Dynamo Moscow. The roof is colourfully patterned, being clad in a synthetic resin designed to look like a Faberge egg. Inside the roof is a layer of metal panels designed to hold rigging and alternative settings for music concerts.