Already 13 years passed to Orkut, and finally the time has come to say goodbye to it. We know that Google faced problems with the Orkut platform since past few years. And not having any profit with it, the team of Google was thinking to eliminate Orkut from the Google and it is on September 30, 2014.

In Google history, it is the first time it faced a problem with Orkut and Google don’t want it to continue and. It was good in 2008 with Brazil and India. The most users of Orkut were from Brazil and India in 2008. But the market gradually went down with heavy competition, comparing like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc.


All earlier Orkut users are informed that, people are supposed to save their media files, or export their name profiles Document links to Google +, once the Google Shut down the Orkut on September 30, 2014, Users of Orkut will not be accessible with their any related stuff of Orkut. And Orkut profile, scraps, testimonials, & community posts can be exported until September 2016.

Main Reasons, and why People Ignored Orkut

Features of Orkut were the main problem all over the World. The heavy features in it made the page loading problems and it is the main cause people ignore it.

Communities in Orkut were not good enough to attract the people towards it.

Do you know that Facebook and Orkut were released in same year, but the attractive, simple Features, and light weight content made Facebook the top one all over the world, where Orkut was not good at it!

The Google engineer Paul Golgher said that the top Platform like YouTube, Google Plus, and Blogger brought their own fame in Social Media all over the world, but Orkut could not get reach as per the user’s expectation. So the team of Google taught to eliminate the Orkut from it.

There was no use also after Google made many differences in customization of Orkut, because people ignored the name of Orkut for many years and they are bored of it.

New Social Concept

After the process of Orkut Shut Down, Google is ready to come out with another new social platform. And in these generation people are attracted to all new stuff and Google will take advantage of it, also Google is making its all efforts to satisfy people with all new customization for the new coming social platform.