Depending upon the issue, there is a range of orthodontic treatments available. From wanting to look your best at an up and coming wedding where professional wedding photographer in Hampshire like will be at hand to a dream job you want more confidence in congratulations on taking the leap. Results are typically very good, although patients must remember to:
– Practise excellent oral hygiene.
– Follow the dietary advice provided by your orthodontist.
– Wear your brace as advised.


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The first step towards treatment will involve an assessment. You may need an x-ray to examine the problems in depth, and the orthodontist may make a plaster mould of your teeth and mouth.


Teeth can be realigned using a number of different types of orthodontic appliance, including:

– Fixed braces – Brackets are glued to the teeth and connected using wires. They are non-removable.
– Removable braces – Typically a plastic plate worn over the roof of the mouth and attached to some teeth.
Functional – Removable braces which interact together to move the teeth into the desired position.
– In very severe cases, surgery to correct or move the jaw may be required.

Other Types of Treatment

For those who wish to access private dental treatment, there is the option of other types of braces. Treatment varies in cost and duration.

Invisible Braces

Many practices offer invisible braces, such as Invisalign. These braces are much less conspicuous than traditional metal braces and are extremely popular worldwide. Treatment with Invisalign braces will usually take between 9 and 18 months and involve the use of about 18 to 36 different custom-made aligner braces, which are worn over the teeth like a gum shield. Cathedral Dental Clinic offer Invisalign in Cardiff.


Frequently used towards the end of your orthodontic treatment, a retainer will work to maintain the position of newly aligned teeth while the bone and gums adjust to them. They may be fixed or removable. Your orthodontist will advise when the retainer should be worn and for how long. Typically, however, given the fact that teeth naturally move as we age, it is recommended that a part-time retainer is worn for life.

Tooth Removal

Occasionally, it will be necessary to remove one or more teeth in order to commence the straightening treatment. However, this has become much rarer in recent years as orthodontic treatment has seen significant advances. Those who have had baby teeth extracted tend to be more likely to require extraction as adults if they require orthodontic treatment.