It’s always fun to go looking for new and exciting tastes and food events. Why settle for a standard diner party when stepping back into the past is becoming an increasingly interesting option with some ideas seen here. The food is easy to take care off if you use, Caterers Shropshire area. You soon be wassailing, quaffing (basically drinking but with a lot more spilling) and calling each other knaves and wenches as the night gets going.  But don’t let the armour get rusty. Whilst Fresh and Lush will provide the catering you may want to avoid these other medieval dishes. But, if you’re keen on authenticity be our guest if we’re not invited.

  1. Roast Hedgehog – As if the poor creature wasn’t endangered enough. The recipe is to remove the spines, gut it and cover it in pastry. The cookbook says to dunk them in boiling water if they resist and coil up.

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  1. Lampreys in Hot Sauce – What’s a Lamprey? It’s a rather unpleasant looking eel so you needn’t feel so guilty eating it as you may do with the cute Hedgehog. A white sauce will do. Don’t over indulge on them though. It’s supposed to be what killed King Henry 1st.
  2. The tail of a Beaver -Supposed to taste like fish. It seems odd that they didn’t just go for fish but perhaps the beavers were easier to catch.
  3. Live animal pie – If the evening looks like it’s losing its excitement why not wheel this out? It’s a live animal hidden under pie crust. Apparently, frogs are the best.
  4. Gruel – After the excitement of the live animal pie why not tone things down a bit with a lovely bowl of gruel. It’s basically a boring version of porridge. Don’t use milk just water and if you want to go peasant try it with minced acorns instead of oats.
  5. Roasted Swans – Don’t tell her Majesty that you’ve got one as it’s illegal and you could be deported to Australia. Check it’s not a Mute Swan (the ones with the orange beak) she owns those. Trumpeter’s are ok but rare. The meat is very greasy and unpleasant. Better to leave it.

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  1. The show stopper! Stuffed Peacock – Bad luck for the bird and not for you. It’s quite a complicated recipe and the stuffing isn’t your standard Sage and Onion. Simply put It’s a peacock stuffed with goose then a pheasant, then a hen, next a wild duck followed by a partridge, then a quail, stuffed with a squab, then a snipe and then an ortolan (nope, no idea either) then a fig pecker and finally an oyster. Bet there’s a fight for that oyster at the end!

As that’s probably not going to fit in the standard British home oven then an open fire is suggested. To be honest if you going to do it you may as well show off to the neighbours.