Are you blessed with gorgeous views? Whatever lies outside your property – trees, a pond, views of the coast or rolling hills – are you making the most of the view outside your home?

Whether you are planning a self-build or renovating an existing home, these are some ideas for maximising on that vista:

Choose black frames over white

Black window frames have the effect of receding into the background, leaving eyes drawn to the glorious view that awaits outside.


For living spaces and bedrooms, floor-to-ceiling glass looks amazing, maximising on both the view and natural light. Consider this if privacy concerns aren’t an issue.

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Double the view with mirrors

Floor-to-ceiling glass combined with large mirrors will result in double the impact. This is an especially effective trick in the bathroom.

Take it outside

You’ll also want to consider the views when you are seated outside. When designing decking or seated areas on balconies, choose a Glass Balustrade for areas at height as glass offers no blockage of those envious views. Find out more about a Glass Balustrade at a site like Aspire Glass.

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Go floor-to-ceiling, any which way you can

Achieving floor-to-ceiling vistas doesn’t always need to involve windows. A combination of windows and doors in the bedroom can open it to the view without the expense that comes with vast panes of glass in custom-made windows. Consider reducing your budget with a combination of standard and custom-made windows.