Why people choose to emigrate will vary widely depending on personal circumstances. There are some common themes however, that people who emigrate have cited as their motivation for packing up and moving to pastures new. The most likely reason is perceived advantages of living in the new country, which will vary depending on your end destination but most people are seeking a better standard of living or quality of life. Here are some other reasons:


Some countries have education systems that are regarded as better than others. Maybe you dislike the system in your native country and find yourself attracted by the methods adopted in other places of the world. There might well be the opportunity for children to attend far better schools, colleges and universities by emigrating. It is commonly thought that the better the access is to quality education, the increased chances there are for finding higher paying and more satisfying job prospects.

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People emigrate for economic reasons, believing that their money will go further in a country with a different economy. Salary amounts might be higher in the chosen country, the job market might be more buoyant and there could well be an opportunity to send money back to remaining family members who were not able to emigrate. If you’re considering a move then check out Property for sale in France at http://www.frenchpropertysearch.com

Health Reasons

Emigration can be undertaken to improve the environment of your home life, get better housing, achieve more of a work-life balance and get more time to keep fit through recreation. It could also mean improved access to healthcare facilities. Studies have shown that often immigrants are healthier than native residents, which could mean that people who are born into a system take it for granted whereas people who make an effort to move for better healthcare, engage with it more.

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Many nations across the world don’t allow their citizens to practice religious freedom. In fact, some countries actively persecute those with certain beliefs or operate extremely strong restrictions. Emigrating to a country which protects the freedom of religion as a universal human right, is often seen as the only option for those who want to be free to practice their beliefs in safety.


In a similar way to religious freedom, people emigrate to avoid war, political persecution and civil unrest.  These are normally cases where families feel forced to migrate. They may already have family who live in a different country and develop a strong desire to be with them when there are problems and unrest in their native country.

Push and Pull Factors

The things that push people away from remaining in the country where they were born include, a lack of safety, inadequate services, crime levels, environmental problems, poverty and war. The main things that attract people to a country are wealth, employment, weather, safety, political stability and a higher level of public services. It could be a combination of several of these factors that make people feel emigration is the answer to their needs.