The causes of our illnesses are often related to our environment, both physical and psychic. In fact, since the beginning of time, men learned that there were around positive energy and negative energies of natural character that affected them. Today, in addition, the number of those negative energies has increased, due to technological development, to the point that we are immersed in a world of “dangers” -some of them almost imperceptible whose consequences can be devastating for our health. Know and know time counter its effects could make the difference between health and disease, even between life and death. Until recently, that knowledge was reserved for classic village healers.

Today, fortunately, Science has been able to corroborate the ancient knowledge that was often regarded with disdain.

Health is very fragile and complex and does not usually take much awareness of its importance until, for some reason, we realize that we have lost. When this happens and the vital functions of our body no longer respond properly or the pain is so unbearable that we would like to have a “magic formula” for personal-without great efforts to recover. Unfortunately, it is normal that, when we are sick, we have to go through an ordeal of doctors, drugs, therapies and therapists, who often go from the most rational and orthodox up (when it fails conventional medicine) healers, not forgetting all remedies “magnetic”, “ionic” and “vibrational” who are bent on selling us as infallible formulas.

What it is really health and what to do to keep it and not lose it easily?

For a long time, it was thought that health was simply “the absence of any disease,” but that concept has evolved greatly in our days. Thus, the World Health Organization (WHO) defines itself as “a state of physical and mental and social wellbeing”.

However, who can say that actually live a healthy life and is happy in an increasingly degraded environment and as unnatural as that touched us in this century? How can we ensure that we have a healthy lifestyle when the food we eat is full of additives, the air we breath flooded with pollutants and our relationships are increasingly dehumanized?

With a picture as described, I do not think that they are us want to keep worrying about our health and, even, to continue reading these lines. However, the truth is that there are many options and possibilities to get a good state of physical, mental and emotional balance that approximate us maximum health proposed by WHO. The test brings us countless people who, after suffering serious illness or physical disorders, sometimes labeled incurable, have made a personal effort and relentless pursuit to provide the basic key to regaining lost health.

Living in a healthy home


Today there is no doubt that food plays a basic role in the proper functioning of the body. Where there are more disagreement and confusion, it is to define the ideal diet because they often concern seems more focused on keeping the line in preserving health.

In fact, there are plenty of nutritional currents. Although I personally advocate a mainly ovo-lacto-vegetarian diet, I must say that the important thing is to be varied to avoid deficiencies enough but without excesses and giving priority to the quality of nutrients. In addition, we must try to select foods from natural sources that, if possible, be free from chemical additives (preservatives, dyes, antioxidants, etc.). Ideally grow and prepare their own food self; but, instead, it is advisable to buy those stamps with organic production.


Correct feeding is usually not enough for balance and health when not accompanied by a moderate but regular exercise. Throughout history, the body has evolved with the constant movement: either as hunters, gatherers and farmers have always had to make a physical effort to survive. The body uses this movement and both perspiration and sweat serve as detoxifying substances that could not be disposed of through the kidneys, liver or airways.

Unfortunately, today’s society tends to a sedentary lifestyle, which involves a great lack of movement, short and long term, results in autointoxication, circulatory problems, muscle atrophy and overall stiffness of the body.


The mental attitude is another factor influencing health. It is proven that people, whose mental attitude is positive sick less, are less vulnerable to viruses and transient flu and recover more quickly and without many complications in such diverse situations as postoperative processes, acts of God or after the loss of a loved one.

We can further push the possibilities of mind when we realize that, with appropriate therapy or a good workout, you can even overcome old traumas or, more surprisingly, perform surgery without anesthesia or perform painless childbirth, as investigations have shown Dr. Angel Escudero.


Diet, exercise, and mental attitude are therefore vital and indisputable premises to maintain good physical and mental state, but also there are a number of external elements, whose control is beyond our hands, which can affect our health.

In fact, most live in large or medium – sized cities surrounded by endless aggressors and aggressive factors. In addition, the fact that we describe here is not meant at all to increase our levels of anxiety and concern, but expose their health risks and help prevent, avoid, or, at least, take steps to protect, raise the level of our natural defenses against them.


The importance of the air we breathe is undeniable. We can survive more than forty days without food and a few days without liquids, but only a few minutes without breathing.

The “etheric” – the food for Orientals air prana is vital in all physiological and metabolic processes living beings. In addition to its – oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, etc. components must take into account the correct proportion, quality and electric charges and ion exchange between them. Both the molecular structure as ionic interactions will allow proper absorption as the air we breathe and vital energy element or, conversely, toxic and devitalizing.

The atmosphere, land, and solar radiation impinge directly on the particles and air molecules, causing continuous chemical reactions that make a relatively complex investigation of its composition and quality. However, gradually they have been setting a series of parameters that allow us to recognize the goodness of God or poor health, the degree of ionization, relative humidity, chemical composition, and presence of pollutants, toxic gasses and ozone.

In our environment, and especially in our homes, we can hardly make a thorough study of these parameters and components. However, we can establish tolerance levels or danger frequently regarding toxic substances in suspension, presence of harmful gas radon, optimum moisture or suitable ionization and avoid the presence of ozone, one of the reagents capable of converting some chemicals, such as sulfur dioxide (SO2) in corrosive sulfuric acid.

The rapid increase in air pollution that has occurred in recent decades it has coincided with an upsurge of respiratory diseases, asthma, allergies and lung cancers. However, it seems that we are far from finding a quick and effective solution to this problem, especially in highly industrialized areas and in large cities, wherein periods of atmospheric calm, the air just renewed and accumulation of toxic substances or dangerous and poor ionization, reaching alarming levels for the population.

It is inside the houses where you have to pay greater attention because, when it is closed and poorly ventilated areas, the problem is compounded. In such circumstances, the air becomes very dangerous due to the lack of some compounds and another excess. The stale air is considered the main cause of what has been called “sick building syndrome”, resulting in allergies, respiratory problems, colds, nausea, rashes, and headaches. Perhaps it would have been a correct nominal “syndrome of sick buildings its inhabitants”. If we consider that most of the urban population spend between 80 and 90 percent of time indoors, we worry seriously about the quality of the air we breathe inside buildings where exchanges and renewal air should be constant.


The main sources of air pollution are industrial facilities is estimated that in the United States are responsible for one-third of global pollution and that third, half is attributed to thermal power plants.

During the phases and cycles of production, certain types of industry are emitted into air-recognized harmfulness, particularly to the respiratory tract. Thermal power plants, for example, sent to air sulfur dioxide (SO2) and combustion residues such as soot semisolid. The oil industry atmosphere liberates hydrocarbons, sulfur compounds, nitrogen oxides, mercaptans, and phenols. High – polluting power are also the steel, chemical, fertilizer factories, foundries and industries of aluminum, lead, zinc and cement, to name only the most important.

What pollution fluctuates with seasonal changes is heating facilities. The pollutants emitted during the combustion process are diverse and depend on the type of fuel used. To cite just a few, remember the emission of solid materials and substances organic acids, oxides of sulfur and nitrogen, and anhydrides. Clearly, upon contact with air, these compounds affect the entire population, affecting more to the most vulnerable people, who are the sick, the elderly and children.

Pollution caused by vehicles and engines combustion or explosion is one of the most recent, but also the most dangerous, due to the large amount of lead, benzene, carbon oxides and hydrocarbons emitted.

In the contaminating action of the environment and the atmosphere, they are very important both the sum of the toxic effects of the different substances present in the air as the level of concentration thereof. This is closely related to atmospheric and meteorological factors such as air movement and wind or rain and fog, that facilitate or hinder the dispersion and with different radiation (UV, gamma …).

Nor can we forget the enormous amounts of tiny torn off by the wind to the Earth ‘s crust, such as dust, pollen, and spores that, however, natural they are, cause serious disturbances to sensitive or allergic person particles.

As we have seen, air pollution due to massive emissions of harmful substances into the air considerably alters the delicate balance of natural and harmonious environment a fact which also negatively affects the functions of our body and therefore on our health.


Corno citizens of industrial countries, we are immersed in a world of sounds that are already inseparable from our daily work. In the cities, especially in large urban- the main cause of noise pollution it is attributable to traffic and the consequent engine hum, beeps and sprinting, that bother both drivers and those living in nearby buildings. To this should be added the effects of railways -many times near buildings and Vivien das, the airports whose noise far exceeds the limit tolerable- and industry in general.

The problem of noise pollution, therefore, constitutes a factor of risk to our health, to the extent that it has become an issue to devote more attention to government agencies. In fact, laws are passed continuously to reduce, limit or eliminate annoying noises, usually driven by reasonable protests. Something, that is much harder with noticeable only through special equipment. However, imperceptible to our ordinary senses electrical, electromagnetic or radioactive contamination.


All living beings have evolved continuously subjected to some background radioactivity, natural electrical, and magnetic fields that have always been present, although fluctuating in time and different depending on the area of the planet in question.

These radiations and energies are mainly due to the geological structure of the Earth and its constant radiation, not to mention the impact on our planet cause various radioactive particles and radiation from the Cosmos, especially reaching us from the sun.

The problem becomes worrisome when an overdose that radioactivity is incorporated as a result of certain practices and human activities.

Of the 100 to 130 millirem / year average dose of radioactivity absorbed under normal circumstances, any human body, we can go to 200, 500 or more mR / year. Depending on where we live, our professional activity, radiographs that we become or proximity of our house to all exploitation of radioactive minerals or nuclei with radioactive leaks (estimated at more than 800,000 people directly affected by the leakage of the Chernobyl nuclear power station, while more than a million still they live in areas of high levels of radioactive contamination). It is possible that those who believe have the good fortune to live away from such dangers have increased significantly the levels of radioactivity in our house when installing, for example, a granite floor or vitrified stoneware, which sometimes reach double the radiation environment.

Apart from radioactive alpha or beta and gamma radiation particles, there is electro atmospheric loads fluctuate constantly depending on the winds, climate changes and variations in atmospheric pressure. These air electrostatic charges can interact with body electrical processes, even to cause neural and mental disorders. This translates into increased anxiety, nervousness and depression during on days when the air is highly ionized due to solar radiation, sudden variations of terrestrial magnetism or climate change.