Life as a country can seem to be very idyllic especially if your experience of them is through programs such as All Creatures Great and Small.

Growing up I used to love to sit and watch this program with my family all huddled together on the sofa. Watching the Farnon brothers and James Herriot going about their daily work of treating the village pets in the veterinary practice and then dashing off around the countryside to all sorts of places to deal with the farming communities animal issues.  One problem for farmers they fail to mention however is animal dung.  This goes everywhere and if you don’t keep on top of it then say goodbye to your social life and your pipes.  Farmers are forever having to get a Blocked Drains Essex company out to help get them cleaned and washed through.

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Moving to a country practice seems to have come with a few teething issues for James Herriot and I should imagine that he had to use a decent removal company to transport all of his belongings from one place to the next. I used a respectable company when I was looking for a house removal Tewkesbury company.

James seems to treat a variety of animals during his time with the Farnon brothers from small pets to farm animals in and around the area.

The television series is based on the best selling books and sees Christopher Timothy playing the role of James, Robert Hardy playing Siegfried Farnon the senior practitioner and Peter Davison playing the younger brother Tristan. The role of James’ wife Helen is played by two different actresses. Initially Carol Drinkwater and then Linda Bellingham.

The chemistry between all of these actors is evident from the start and they really have you believing in the little spats that they have along with the more humorous elements. One of the particular amusing but also endearing external characters is that of Mrs Pumphrey and her beloved dog Tricki-Woo. Mrs Pumphrey soon becomes besotted with the young James Herriot especially as he seems to indulge her more eccentric mannerisms and her desire to almost treated Tricki-Woo like a little human being.

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As seems to be the stereotypical view for the Yorkshire Dales, James comes across many hard to deal with characters. It is noted during the series that some of these people have become hardened by the work they do, the long hours and working in all weathers and conditions and for some of them the farming life is very stressful, especially when they are faced with hefty veterinary bills. This is usually where James would end up on the sharp end of their tongues.

If you haven’t watched the series it is definitely worth seeing if you can find it on one of the multitudes of catch up television channels or the never ending supply of channels dedicated to showing all time classics and in my opinion you don’t get more of a classic than good old ‘All Creatures Great and Small’.