It gets to a point where winter is here and we just cannot wait for warm weather to arrive, so we can shed a few layers of wool and fleece. However, summer presents its own challenges for dressing well, as comfort in humidity and high temperatures is important for feeling your best. Some material is better suited to warm weather dressing than others. Avoid clingy material that suffocates your skin and makes you sweat.

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Clothes that breathe with you

Fabric that is light and allows air to circulate is a must for summer style. Good fabric choices for hot weather wear will literally breathe with you and help to keep temperatures down and frazzled tempers at bay. Cotton is one of the best choices you can make, as it is made from natural fibres, making it comfortable to wear, and easy to wash and dry. With an abundance of designer cotton fabric available, finding great looks in this versatile material is really easy.

Another top choice for summer is linen. Trousers in linen are a summer staple in many wardrobes, and it is light and airy to wear. However, it will crease easily and needs to be cared for properly to look its best. Silk is another gorgeous fabric that is considered a luxury by some. It feels lovely on the skin, but is delicate and requires careful hand-washing or dry cleaning. Chambray could be described as like a denim but lighter, and it can deliver an airy denim style in shirts, skirts and dresses.  When it comes to Umay bodycon mini dresses you can guarantee there will be something to your taste.

High impact

Another reason to love light airy fabrics is colour. This report from The Guardian predicts that yellow will be next summer’s hot hue. Though man made, rayon is another versatile choice for summer outfits. Jersey can be made of synthetic fibres, cotton or wool, and its knitted stretchiness makes it incredibly comfortable to wear.  Have a look through some Bodycon Mini Dresses to see what materials they are made from to get a good idea.

If you want to find out more about the availability of designer cotton fabric, it would be a good idea to consult suppliers, who could tell you more about what they have to offer.

Summer is a time to have fun in all things, including what you wear. Combining comfort and pizzazz, the best summer wardrobes will be an eye-catching and body-soothing mixture of both.