It must real annoy James Bond that he can now Google himself and find out so much that he didn’t know about himself. He may have turned to Q and said “look, all these gadgets are great, you know, ejector seats in cars, Parachutes in ski gear, machine guns hidden in Battenberg’s but that Internet Q why didn’t you come up with that?”. Q shuffles his feet a bit and looks sheepish. “Um, pay attention Double oh seven!”, he says resorting to type. “We had a lot on what with the cold war and all. We’d need some hotshot website design company Gloucester! What are you doing? Agent Gloucester leave that alone”. Q pauses to stop the agent from shooting himself with a pen. If Q was looking for a website team then would be spot on by the way.

Bond continues “But Q, what about that watch you gave me on that Spy who loved me mission,” “Which one Bond? I’ve given you a lot of watches and you’ve had lots of Spies that have loved you, too many I would say”, replied Q.

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“That digital one, you know, it had the ticker tape message that came out of it to tell me that those Russian spies were coming to do me in” said Bond.

“What about it?” says Q.

“Well, its like a bit daft, I mean it took ages to come out and then I had all these secret messages lying about. I even had one from someone asking me if I’d been hurt in an accident or if I’d I ever wondered if I’d had PPI?” Said Bond.

“PPI? That’s not some unpleasantness illness is it?” Wondered Q, unsurprised if it was considering Bonds track record.

“No. My point is why didn’t you just send an email?” asked Bond.

“To what would I send it Bond?” replied Q.

“To my phone? I mean I didn’t have one like I do now but that might have been a better invention. Could have been some money in it, eh?” asked Bond.

Q sighed, it was time to have that conversation again. “Right, first off Bond it was 1977 and there were no masts to send it. So, you think it’s better then that my team did that rather than what they did give you on that mission? We only provided you with a Skipole flare Gun that you used to kill that Russian guy that Agent XXX was engaged too”, “Awkward”, cut in Bond.

“Then you used my code reader to learn what was on that microfiche, and finally, finally! When you were being chased by that helicopter and motorcyclist killers you had a car that turn in to a

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Submarine, Bond, A Submarine! And you think I should have been creating email and the internet. Try driving a computer into the sea and see what happens!”

Bond looks admonished. “So, no chance of Angry Birds then?”