The use of new technologies linked to the continuous connection means that in many cases it can not be disconnected from work. It happens on a regular basis, on a daily basis, but perhaps it is not as noticeable as in moments of rest. But it is not technology that causes us stress, it is how we use it in our work.

Because it is no longer about receiving emails on the phone, messages through WhatsApp or accessing online applications to have the information ready. Rather it is that we are unable to put a limit and we are like locals who never close. Being connected does not mean being a 24×7 throughout the year.

You have to know when it is time to put the phone aside, forget all notifications and disconnect to rest . In many cases we do not have the possibility of delegating certain decisions in another, but the power to know if something is urgent or not. And in most of the things we do, it is not, so what is the use of being on the phone?

There is also another stress associated with technology . In this case you suffer more in the workplace, when it turns out that the employee is ahead of your tool. We are faster doing a task than the tool allows us to execute it. And this is something that, for repeated, can be exasperating.

In the workplace we can also have some stress as we have more tasks than we are capable of attending at a specific time. There is an excess of data , where the final attention can not be fixed on a specific task. Added to this are notifications, emails or calls that constantly interrupt concentration and increase our fatigue.

But we can also change how we work . Use several desks so that nothing distracts us from the task that lies before us. In part we are also responsible for how we are jumping from one task to another, which in the end makes us slower, we arrive at the end of the day with less work and the feeling of not having stopped rowing and yet not moving forward.

Everyone knows how it works . We even identify some negative points but in many cases we are unable to change if they do not help us. Or until the moment arrives our body says enough. And we blame the technology, but the truth is that the fault is ours.