A hoodie is the ultimate in casual fashion and style. It is a fantastic addition to your summer wardrobe in any season, as it will keep you warm on a cold day or a chilly night. Not only that, but it makes you feel cosy and comfortable too. Here are some great ways to style them.

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With Jeans

Jeans and mens Superdry hoodies are a fantastic combination and the best way to rock the casual look whether you are chilling out at home or hanging out with friends. If you want to get yourself noticed, opt for mens Superdry hoodies in a bold vibrant colour. Green and yellow are both trendy this season. Team with a pair of blue or black jeans to look stylish.

With Trousers

Be careful what trousers you wear with your hoodie, as a formal look won’t necessarily match. Chinos can look great with a hoodie. Opt for dark colours such as black or grey with dark chinos or go for a lighter-coloured hoodie if you are wearing a pair of lighter-coloured chinos.

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If you are wearing with a pair of smarter trousers, then a zip-up hoodie can look good, as this can be worn instead of a jacket. However, you might want to take off your suit jacket and tie and just wear the suit and trousers to tone down the office style if you are travelling to work or meeting colleagues for a post-work drink in the bar.


Tops should be kept casual under a mens Superdry hoodie, and this season’s t-shirts are bold and bright in colour. Find a matching-colour hoodie or play down a bright t-shirt with a black or neutrally coloured hoodie. A hoodie is a fantastic way of making sure that you are not too cold when the sun goes down, because here in the UK the temperature can drop rapidly at night, which can make you feel quite cold. However, with a snuggly hoodie on you won’t have a chance to feel the cold.

These are some great ideas on how to style your hoodie for a comfortable and casual look that will suit different occasions.