Pool safety covers can have a very long lifespan if you consistently take care of it properly and store it as it was meant to be stored. When it is time to remove it so you or others can enjoy your pool, you should follow these steps closely. Keep in mind that your cover may come with specific instructions for storing that could differ from these, but these steps provide the general guidelines that should be followed.

Store a Pool Safety Cover
#1: Make sure water and debris are washed off of it

Pool safety covers should not be put away while they have dirt or other debris on them. How you go about cleaning the cover depends on whether you have a mesh cover or a solid cover. If it is a mesh, you can hose it off to get it clean. If it is solid, you can use a cover pump to get any puddles of water off of the surface.

#2: Remove the springs holding the cover down

You do not want anything to get caught in your cover as you are removing it for storage. To prevent this, first remove the springs attached to the anchors at the sides of the cover. To do this, you may have to use a rod that was provided to you for the installation process.

#3: Ensure the anchors are screwed down

To further prevent the cover from getting caught, you should screw down the anchors at the sides of the pool. You can use the hex provided to you when you purchased the pool safety cover.

#4: Fold the cover like an accordion

While the cover is still on the pool, you should start folding it from one side in an accordion style, folding small sections at a time. Continue doing this until you have reached the end of the pool. Then, place it on a flat area that is clean.

#5: Clean the cover using a liquid formula

You can use a mixture of detergent and water or a cleaner made specifically for the cover to do one final sanitizing of the material. There are also cover brushes that you can use for cleaning if the material is particularly dirty.

#6: Refold the cover and store it off of the floor

Pool leaf covers will have to be folded in halves so it can fit in the storage bag. Then, it should be either hung up or stored in a container.