Instagram: Basics of business promotion

Instagram recently won the market for mobile applications in the CIS. Not many were able to rightly assess the potential of this social network, but those who use and regularly publish photos to Instagram can tell how it is interesting and easy to use.

We have read many articles about promoting your business on Facebook, as today the turn we will talk about the Instagram. But those of you who have already used these applications may ask, “How’s business to promote if only published photos?” Believe me, Instagram – it’s very powerful and promising services that can not only configure your image of a successful and attractive person, and greatly assist in the promotion of goods and services.

According to statistics that were collected in November 2013, over 75% of the largest and most well-known brands, actively present their products in Instagram. Also, there are communicating with customers, attract new subscribers, develop their social image. Instagram – it’s pretty new, interesting, perspective, attractive app that every day attracts more and more users. The trend is excellent, and you just have to think about how to develop and promote your business in Instagram.

10 rules of business promotion in Instagram

Rule number 1- Base as a name, use the name of the company

It is probably the most obvious and understandable rules. If you are going to do photo collections on behalf of the company, and Instagram account to be appropriate. It seems everything is logical, but not everyone understands this. Very often, people are starting to post “workers” photos from the personal account, and it is perceived not serious.

If your company name is very well known and common word that is already in use in the Instagram, then select some interesting and close by category name that will most accurately reflect the essence of your company. For example, you do vegetarian food sales, but the nickname “VeganFood” is already occupied. What to do? It is clear that the need to look more widely, and to seek associative array. For example, to name your account “FreshFood” or “VeganLife”. It all depends on your desires, and on the understanding that the ship call, so it will float.

How to promote your business in Instagram

Rule number 2- Strategic, put hashtags in your publications

Hashtags – this is not news to social networks. However, until recently, they were actively used only for Twitter but have been successfully implemented in Facebook as well. Instagram too is not deprived of such a function, and you have to actively use it.

For those who do not know what a hashtag, explain. Under this concept, as a rule, understand the specific function by means of which the user can filter all entries with a hashtag. If you see clickable link format hashtag #, then this is what we are talking about.

What is it for you? As already stated above, you can group certain pictures on the topic, place the desired hashtags, for example, #VeganFoods, #FreshFoods and so on. The user, instead of flipping all your messages and look for the right can click on a hashtag and a second filter for its interesting group of products.

This is a very handy feature that can eventually become your feature. As a general rule, if you are serious about advancement in the Instagram, then you will have thousands of photos which the user will be unable to view from the triggers to cover, in search of something desired. But hashtags help to greatly simplify navigation for your suggestions, and increase the chance that the order will be made.

Rule number 3- Effective, it is necessary to use at least 2 hashtags

If we are talking about hashtags, and you realize what it is, but now you need to understand how many are using them, and what would be best. If you look at the reaction of users, among them there is a perception that the use of more than one hashtag – a bad tone. But when your job is – to promote their products and services, you do not need to pay attention to such trifles. No, I do not mean that the opinion of your subscribers – this stuff. Just use more than one hashtag – it is not critical, and it is unlikely someone will blame you much for such a move.

The SMM experts in one voice say – the more you use hashtags, so will a greater audience reach. So in your best interest to choose the correct tags, and use them to the maximum. But it is also worth noting that it is not necessary to enter dozens of tags if they do not belong to the post. For example, if you are promoting a new vegetarian product that optimally fit vegetarianism tags # # # health # nutrition vegan diet #.

Rule number 4- Tactics, with some regularity place in your account discounts, promotions and promotional code

If you decide to promote business in the Instagram, you must understand that the discounts and promotions – is the foundation of your marketing progress. Let you already have a community on Facebook, but are made so that each subscriber communities feel unique and individual. How to do it? Simply. Regularly publish information on discounts and share only one social network, not duplicate it in others. Thus, subscribers will realize that you have to provide a unique opportunity and chance, which is not available to others. This will motivate them to view photos, read descriptions of them, and regularly look into your account.

Rule number 5- Curious, the best advertising your business and your customers

Probably the dream of every entrepreneur to advertise about him spread customers. Someone makes this viral posts and video, while others, as one of the most successful brands in the Instagram, regularly publishes posts and the creativity of its subscribers.

Of Starbucks – this is the company every few weeks dedicates one of the posts some interesting subscriber. It is clear that many people want to get on the company’s homepage, to receive hundreds of thousands of likes, and thousands of subscribers to your account. Therefore, Starbucks motivate their customers to actively communicate, be creative and interesting, because this will help get the attention of the company, and get the coveted post them on the wall. In turn, the user who saw the coveted post in Instagram Starbucks wants to share it with friends, brag a little. They too can make Fortress, and so on, more and more. Thus is formed a viral network, which only benefit promoted by the company.

Rule number 6- Maximum use all the features of Instagram

Everyone knows that more Instagram for photos. This is the main content of the social network but also do not forget about the video, which can also be spread on your page. Photos can post around the clock, and time had virtually no effect on the activity views. The video is different because the best time is the period of 20-00 until the morning. This is due to the fact that the subscribers can watch your photos without any problems, but the video and even sound – this is difficult.

Rule number 7- Feedback, communicate with your subscribers

This rule is probably the same for all social networks. Earlier, when we talked about the promotion of your business in Facebook, we are also focused on the special attention. It is clear that over time, under your photo will appear different comments, questions, clarify. You do not have to ignore them, but rather to maintain a conversation, start a discussion, answer all the questions. Thus, customers will see that they are not left without attention, that their opinion is important, and you always keep in touch and give necessary advice.

This feedback is the basis of business promotion in social networks. Believe me, your customers are your comments to throw dozens of interesting ideas, suggest further ways of development, to point out the mistakes of promotion. Keep in touch with them, and never leave them unattended issues and gratitude.

Rule number 8- Human, always refer to people by name

In the Instagram, as in Twitter, is used quite inconvenient when compared with Facebook, the system appeals to the user. In order to your answer just came to the user to which you want to apply before it is necessary to put the nickname@. Without this symbol, automatic notification about your reply will not be, and in a timely manner, the user cannot see it.

But why is it so important to address personally and by name? For a long time, scientists have shown that an appeal to a man named cause some trust has to his companion. And we all love attention and like to show it if you do not personally appeal to the customer.


Rule number 9- Share photos from the life of the company

The Instagram should be used not only in order to post photos of your products but also in order to form a positive image of the company, to call the confidence of subscribers. How to do it? It is necessary to publish photos of the life of the company. You can put some photos of the day, showing how you are trying for their customers, as you work hard, so that all products are the highest quality. You can put a good photo with the parties and corporate events, thus show that you are the same ordinary people that you too are inherent emotions of joy, and the desire to rest. Buyers should consider you “own”, must understand that you do not consider yourself to be better than them, do not set higher or lower.

Work on Instagram in a way as you worked on it in ordinary life. Now, many large companies are beginning to come to the fact that social image plays a larger and larger role, influences the choice and trust of potential buyers.

Rule number 10- Important, Keep a distance of

A very big mistake of all those who are going to promote your business in Instagram – is the desire to give as much information in a short period of time. Remember, the more – not better. If you post 10 photos per hour, it does not mean that users will enjoy this activity. Most likely, it will be completely different.

Have patience and calm. Even if you know that you have a few dozen high-qualities and very “fat” photos, then drag them to the publication of a couple of days. At the same time, by posting a new photo, make a list of upcoming events by type: “I liked the photo? That’s not all. Tomorrow we will continue to acquaint you with the everyday life of our advertising and marketing department. ”

Interesting facts about Instagram

  • This free app has appeared relatively recently, in 2010, and has already gained recognition million users.
  • At this moment, more than 100 million people are registered in the Instagram, and this despite the fact that the prospects for the development of this service are
  • Daily users add about 5 million photos

As you can see, social service Instagram is only beginning to develop in the countries, therefore, you have a good chance to express yourselves and your company using all the capabilities of the mobile application.