The  yoga  is a  physical and mental discipline, whose origin lies in ancient India, and has an increasingly important influence in Western society today. Its  benefits  for our body and mind have led many people to know what are some of their most characteristic exercises and postures to incorporate as a habit in their daily routine. Decathlon joins this type of alternative sports through a new initiative, do you want to see it?

The  yoga practitioners, from a more spiritual stance, consider this practice be able to establish the perfect union between the individual soul and divinity, while from a rational perspective, is conceived as the means through which we can achieve that coveted balance between the mind and the body. This  ancestral discipline  will help us, among many other things, to combat  stress accumulated throughout the day and the main cause of many of the diseases of the XXI century, will provide greater flexibility to the joints and tone your body, increase your concentration, regulate blood pressure, combat insomnia, reduce the risk of blockage in the arteries coronary arteries, will improve breathing and, even, is able to relieve premenstrual pain.

This discipline is so relevant in  society  today and presents such benefits that the best known sports brand of the moment,  Decathlon, proposes to celebrate the so-called yoga party in style, offering us  great discounts  on  clothing  for the practice of it . Coinciding with the tribute to the sport that the company celebrates these days until next November 16 with free activities in all its centers, in collaboration with the sports clothing brand DOMYOS, Decathlon  offers  yoga clothes  at a ridiculous price.

Such has been his involvement in the process of designing and making suitable garments for yoga practice, which the DOMYOS brand, together with Oxylane Research, has studied in detail and meticulously each of the movements of a yogi and have come to the conclusion that the skin does not deform homogenously. In this way, and based on the mapping of the elasticity of the skin, the brand has given the making of unique garments characterized by its breathability, comfort, elasticity, in addition to having the ability to dry quickly to avoid that annoying sensation of humidity and the cooling of our body during and after having exercised.

During the Yoga Party you can find great discounts at your disposal so you can practice this discipline in the best possible way and so you can turn yoga into one of your daily habits. You will feel how your life begins to improve when you enjoy good physical and mental health.

What do you think of the Decathlon initiative  in favor of  yoga?