Professional marketers often do not like a product launch event because they can be complex to set up. Catering should be selected, venues sourced and promotional material produced. The different parts of an organization also have different needs and expectations. This is where an events agency can help. Hiring experienced professionals means you are on the right path to success.

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They will find you the perfect place, know who are the best food providers and how to contact all the right movers and shakers. However, there are still many ways you can help yourself:

Invite the correct guests

Do not fall into the trap of simply inviting the most famous, rich or high-powered people you know. It is important to invite the right people for your event. If your goal is to attract high sales, then get the sales teams to invite their contacts, for example.

Choose your influencers with caution

You may have someone in mind, but after doing some research, you might change your opinion. What age and gender are they most popular with? Most influencers will provide you with their statistics if it’s for business purposes. Do their audience demographics match what you’re looking for?

A two-way relationship

While you want the influencers to gain your event, remember that it is important to offer them some of their promotional rewards. It may not always need the money but it could mean the promotion of your product in exchange for a free sample.

Give guests a reason to come

You may have the coolest products and be creating a lot of buzz in the industry, but it may not be enough to get people to attend your event in person. An open bar and music may attract the odd curious person, but you want to avoid filling the place with people who are really not interested in your product. Some ways to increase the interest that includes the following:

Choose a great location

You can choose a hotel like most businesses but not much is memorable about this. Try to think outside the box and pick a cool place that no one expects.

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Staying on-brand

Consider carefully who your audience is and make sure everything is geared to attract people. Instead of copying what every other company does, think about what is best for your target audience and your business. Be sure to inject your personality into the show and highlight what makes your business special. Immersive experiences are hugely popular, especially with millennials, so why not see what’s available with an Immersive Experience from a site like

Engage through social media

Involving your audience in social media is increasingly important, and also offers a great platform to showcase your products. This provides an opportunity for them to see your product and test it, encourage them to share and tweet photos and thoughts. Creating a custom hashtag is a fun idea if you can think of a good, memorable one.