How much natural light your home gets really depends on how well the architect designed it, but if you’ve got a place that’s a little on the dark side, there are a few simple things you can do to make the most of the light you have, though. Here are a few ideas.

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Use mirrors to reflect light and move into the darker parts of the room. You can either place a mirror on the adjacent wall to the window to give the appearance of an additional window or opposite the window, which will reflect the light and your outside view across the room.

Don’t limit yourself to mirrors, though. Any shiny surface will bounce the light back around the room. Look for highly polished finishes to worktops, splashbacks and furniture or include polished or mirrored objets d’art.

Say No to Curtains

Of course, you want your privacy, but if you have curtains hanging at the window, even when they are open, you are losing some of the light coming in. Consider blinds instead. Venetian blinds will allow you to retain your privacy while still letting the sunshine in, and roller blinds can be fitted so they don’t block the window at all.

Bathrooms have a tendency to be dark even in houses with good natural light, as builders tend to install smaller windows. When thinking about blinds, avoid fabric or wood, which can suffer from mould in the damp atmosphere of a bathroom. Roller blinds will give you privacy when you need it without deteriorating in the moist environment. Another advantage of waterproof roller blinds is the range of styles you can choose from. Look online for stockists of PVC waterproof roller blinds.

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Paint Light

Brilliant white is your best bet for ceilings, and for other walls choose lighter shades. Speciality paint, like Dulux Light and Shade, has been specially designed to reflect more light in small or darker rooms and comes in a variety of shades.)

Keep It Clean

Make sure that windows, light fixtures and fittings are all on your regular cleaning schedule. Nothing stops light getting through like a layer of dirt or dust!

Living in a dark house can be a real problem, but with these simple steps you can brighten things up a bit.