Caring for your boiler is essential. From making sure it is not producing potentially lethal carbon monoxide to getting maximum value from your energy bills, attending to your boiler in autumn will make sure it is ready to do its job during the coldest months.


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Attention before winter

Even if your boiler appears to be fine, it is an excellent idea to get it examined by a qualified engineer who is on the Gas Safe Register at least once a year. The engineer will inspect and clean the parts of the boiler and doing this regularly could save you money by avoiding costly breakdowns. Doing this in autumn to ensure the boiler is ready for winter will ensure the boiler is in premium condition to face the time when it will work the hardest.

An article on home maintenance in the Telegraph recommends regular servicing for your boiler, along with bleeding radiators before winter starts. If radiators do not heat evenly, air is probably trapped inside. This means the radiators are not working efficiently and are possibly putting more strain on your boiler.

Heed the signs

Strange noises, leaks and sooty black marks are all indications that something could be wrong. Checking your boiler in autumn will alert you to these signs of the system requiring maintenance. The sooner a problem is detected and attended to, the easier it will be to repair.

A boiler that is not working properly can produce carbon monoxide, which is deadly. It is a good idea to have a device for detecting carbon monoxide installed near your boiler, which should be examined at least once a month to make sure it is still working. When a boiler is worn out, it will need to be replaced. For boiler installation in Woking, there are a number of options. If you are wondering “Where can I get my boiler installed in Woking?”, the best option is to consult the experts.

Space to breathe

A boiler also requires adequate ventilation and easy access. If the boiler is in a cupboard stuffed with coats and sports gear, it could benefit from clearing out the cupboard and giving the air around the boiler room to circulate. An unsuitable environment can shorten a boiler’s lifespan.