Aloe vera has lots of medicinal uses, which range from reducing cholesterol to treating skin infections and burns. This amazing succulent plant is also one that grows readily as a house plant, so you can have all the benefits of this plant whenever you need it by simply cutting off a leaf and using the gel contained inside. Here’s a quick guide on how to grow your own aloe vera plant from a cut leaf.


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What you need

You’ll need a large pot with good drainage holes, with some broken pottery or large stones placed over the holes to keep the soil inside. You’ll also need some cactus soil, a sharp knife, a watering can and a sunny windowsill.

The leaf

Cut a leaf off a donor plant using the sharp knife. The leaf should be at least 8 cm long and should be cut at a downward angle towards the stem. The leaf should then be left in a warm area to allow a film to form over the cut edge. This could take several days, but is necessary to stop any infection attacking the leaf from the soil.


Dip the cut edge of the leaf in a rooting hormone, then push the cut edge of the leaf into the cactus soil so that at least one third of the leaf is submerged. Find a sunny position for your aloe plant and water well. Keep the soil moist until the plant becomes established, then allow to completely dry out between waterings.


Using aloe vera is very easy – simply cut a leaf off and use the aloe vera juices to treat any skin condition, use as a hair conditioner for silky smooth hair or even as a drink. Some might ask why drink aloe vera juices? The answer is simple, not only is it good for your heart but can also help alleviate digestive problems, reduce blood sugar levels and cholesterol and boost your vitamin and mineral intake. It’s also been shown to help alleviate symptoms of depression, osteoarthritis, constipation, asthma, seizures and common colds.

So, to enjoy all of the amazing health benefits of this plant, follow the simple steps above to grow your very own medicine plant and give yourself a homegrown health boost.