As 2020 comes to a close and many businesses, or domain name investors, look hopefully towards 2021, what about the trends for domain names, and any newly-released domain name extensions? Here are some ideas to help you find that perfect trending domain name.

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Finding a trending domain

As the internet becomes increasingly complex, you may be thinking about a more trending domain name to keep up with all the changes But one recommendation, if you are a beginner, or experienced in looking for trending domain names, is to use the same company to help you find a trending domain name and host your website too. This will save a lot of heartache as everything is kept in-house. Companies such as have many tips and ideas for generating trending domain names, choosing the right extensions and hosting. You can of course combine an externally acquired trending domain name, and supply it to your hosting company, but keeping it together is highly recommended, along with one IT team.

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What to consider

You might have found an ideal domain name that has become available. Some domain name investors buy names, particularly if they think they are currently trending, or may trend in the future. Although there are a number of ‘buy domain name’ sites out there, you need to be aware that there might be a reason why this domain is being offered in the first place. What was it about this domain that made a previous owner let it go? Apply the usual domain name tests such as, is it short, easy to spell, remember and pronounce, with no numbers or tricky hyphens. Maybe this is why it has become available.

Domain name generator

Another way to find a trending domain name is to use a domain name generator. This will give you many options, if you are struggling to come up with a domain name. By entering keywords into the generator it will analyse your requirements and generate many ideas that you might not have considered. This is because it searches the internet, for trending topics, that will then suggest a perfect domain name for you, while checking availability too.

So if you are searching for a trending domain name, and not sure where to start, using an experienced domain name company, might just lead you to that perfect trending domain name.