Immersing in the hot tub not only helps you get rid of pains and aches, it also helps relieve stress. Spa tubs are entitled to offer health benefits but if you fail to maintain it and keep it clean, it can cause dangerous consequences. The filter is one essential component that needs to be cleaned to enjoy the benefits of the hot tub. It takes a few minutes to clean the filter but it requires a thorough cleaning if you do it occasionally.

What spa filter does?

It is a cylinder shaped cartridge that slips into place. It works to keep the water of the spa clean of debris, algae, bacteria and bugs. Regular filter maintenance ensures a properly working system and keeps the pump from getting blocked.

It is made of a fibrous substance which becomes loose gradually over time. Particles can get trapped in the filter when large spaces form and cause the pump to malfunction. However, your tub will remain your favorite retreat if you clean it and sanitize it properly.

Things required cleaning filters

Garden hose: A garden hose is the first thing you require to clean your tub filter. How often you clean it with a hose hinges upon how often you use your tub.

Cleaning solution: Cleaning solution is required if algae, lotion, and oil residues cannot be not removed with a hose. You can find out several cleaning solutions out in the market to clean the spa filters.

Bucket or sink: Most cleaning solutions come in a spray form. Therefore, you may not require a bucket or a sink. However, it will be more effective if you soak this equipment in order to remove the rest residues.

Let us find out the ways to clean the spa water purification equipment

  1. Take away the filter from the hot tub. Spray filter folds to loosen blocked dirt and debris using a hose. Be careful of high water pressure because this can damage the material of the purification equipment.
  2. Untangle small particles embedded in the purification cartridge with your fingers. You find it easy loosening the particles when the filter is entirely dry.
  3. Put the water cleaning equipment in a bucket filled with solution. Dirt and debris particles will float on the water if any. Spray thoroughly again with water to take out the solution.
  4. Soak the equipment in a bucket filled with a mixture of muriatic acid and water. This solution will remove any calcium scale if any and sterilize it within one minute.
  5. Dry it entirely before you put it back right in the place. The process will take some days but will stop micro-organisms from breeding inside and polluting the spa water.
  6. You should replace a filter once a year for the best spa experiences.

Necessity of replacing a tub water cleaning equipment

The size of the purification equipment, how often you use the spa tub and frequency of cleaning are all the factors that determine how often you require substituting your filter cartridge.

However, it is best to replace any spa filters that have become a year old. You should also replace the purification instruments that seem to be damaged or resist coming clean. This equipment not only keeps the water pure but it resists gunk and particulates from entering water pump of the hot tubs. The older filters cannot perform like this and can result in a block and broken water pump which will appear to be an expensive one to fix. It is wise to check the instrument for damage every time you remove it to clean. If you find a crack in the plastic frame the filter will detach from the frame and it will not come off to come clean. Therefore, it is better to throw it off.

Important things to consider

Keep two filters together and use them rotationally. If you do this, you can use dry and clean purification equipment in your tub while cleaning other equipment. The best part about this is that you no longer have to wait for the filter to dry to use the tub. Therefore, you can enjoy your spa tub to the fullest extent and enjoy the therapeutic benefits as long as you wish.