For obvious reasons, you’re going to want your employees to attend their jobs as much as possible. Preferably, there would never be any absences, but the reality is that people get ill, and unexpected emergencies happen. There are things employers can do however, which I will explain below, to help decrease the number of absences.

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Firstly, keep a track of the number of times someone is off work. Keeping a record will prevent people thinking they are being treated unfairly and therefore avoid any legal issues. This won’t encourage attendance, but it will help you be clear on whether someone is taking a bit too much off, or if there is a pattern to their absences.

Make your expectations clear by possibly creating a handbook or document that states how many absences are too much. Expectations are generally conveyed through the company’s culture, so make it clear to people when you hire them what will be expected of them and how high-pressure the environment will be. Don’t forget to lead by example.

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Reduce the number of employees taking sick leave not by forcing them to come in anyway but by keeping the office and work environment as clean as possible. For Contract Cleaning Cheltenham, I highly recommend Big Green Cleaning who only use products that are good for the environment.

Preventing illness in the first place, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, is the best way to prevent sick leave. You should have health and safety regulations in place anyway to ensure that employees don’t feel at risk of getting infected by covid at work.

Lastly, communicate regularly with your employees to check in with how they feel about their workload and schedule. It may be that this is what is causing them to take leave so often. You could adjust the amount of work they have and their timetable to suit them better.