Do you have a leaky bathroom problem? Are you tired of the shower spilling water over the floor or down the walls? Aside from being unsightly, leaky bathroom fittings can cause serious damp problems for your home, which can cost a lot of money to fix. It is much cheaper and more convenient to solve the problem of the leaky shower itself. One solution for leaks is the shower pod. This new-style shower is the ideal way to prevent water becoming a problem in the bathroom. Here’s how shower pods make a difference.

Solving an Age-Old Problem

The shower pod is the innovative solution to an age-old problem – water leaking from the floor of the shower or through the adjoining wall. Leaks often occur when the shower tray is not properly fixed to the wall, or the tiles are not properly lined or fixed. Water collects in places where it should not, and flows down to the floor and can damage the ceiling below. The main benefit of shower pods is they are completely enclosed. When you stop water reaching the walls or the floor, you solve your problem.

Features of Modern Shower Pods

The back of the shower pod is glass or plastic, meaning that there is nowhere for the water to go but inside the unit, from where it is delivered out of the shower through the waste pipe, effectively bypassing the walls.

Further Benefits of the Shower Pod

Apart from the obvious benefit you get from installing a shower pod – the water doesn’t leak out of the shower – there is also an aesthetic advantage to installing this type shower. Because the back panel is glass, and may be constructed out of coloured glass, you do not need to worry about tiling the wall behind the shower. You don’t have to spend money on expensive tiles or panels. Plus, the maintenance and installation is simple. At least, a lot simpler than the installation required for a fitted shower cubicle. If you need to fix anything about the shower then you can move it away from the wall to get access to the controls. And if anything needs to be done to the wall behind, for example you want to paint the room, this is also easy to achieve with the minimum of fuss.

Even if you haven’t yet experienced the misery of a leaky shower, you may do so in the future. If you want to safeguard yourself from future damp problems then it is a good idea to consider a shower pod when you are remodelling the bathroom. You can stop problems before they occur with the shower pod, and get yourself a stylish shower unit into the bargain. Take a look at the range on offer to find the style that suits your home – shower pods are the modern solution for a fresh, clean bathroom.