It’s odd, but as the quality of garage door openers is improved, the reports about accidents related to garage doors are not encouraging. The worst part is that the usual victims are children and many of these accidents could have been avoided, if people followed some basic rules.

Professional garage door service vs. DIY

Most reports about garage door accidents concerning grownups state that they are due to their persistence on fixing garage door parts on their own. They think, for example, that repairing the broken garage door spring on their own will save them money, but most components, including the springs, the cable, and the openers are heavy and require special equipment and expertise in order to be fixed. Trying to experiment your limited knowledge on them is dangerous.

The professionals go through special training and acquire deep knowledge about each and every garage door component and their peculiarities before they start working at the side of fellow experts. Why should you take the risk when there are so many garage door companies around you? Houston garage doors can take over the necessary repairs or replacements, which can be done with precision and professionalism. The experienced technicians can install your garage door windows or fix the broken springs and the snapped cables with safety. These tasks won’t cost you much in money while they will save you the hassle and risk to get injured.

One basic reason for the growing numbers of garage door accidents is our indifference to teach our kids that garage doors are not toys.

  • You must never let your kids play around a moving garage door or run back and forward underneath it. Think what will happen if a garage door cable breaks! Chances are that the door will collapse straight on your child.
  • Little children or teenagers consider that the opener is a toy. They put their fingers on wires or corners where they can get caught and injured.
  • The garage door clicker is actually an electronic key and, hence, you must take great take care of it. Don’t ever leave it to the hands of your children and if you have many remotes, you should hide them in a place, where they cannot reach them.

One last cause of garage door accidents is negligence to do maintenance. You must keep in mind that all garage door components are made to last for a specified period of time, but that is achieved only when they are properly maintained by a professional company, which has the proper equipment and expertise. Expert technicians can inspect your door detecting its problems and fixing them. It’s good to know, for example, that the garage door opener sensors maintenance is completed and, thus, your door is safe. You may save money on other things, but when it comes to your health, safety and home security you should not make any compromises, especially if you use your garage as the room where your family meets.