Wondering the difference between forum hosting and the traditional, regular web hosting? Well, the difference is obvious; forums are platforms that serve a different purpose than the usual websites and hence they need different hosting plans as well. Other than the options of different forum hosting companies available in the market to baffle you, a lot of questions also surround this topic that needs to be answered.

Free Forum Hosting or Paid

As the adage goes, best things in life don’t come for free, how can you expect a free forum hosting provider to give you all that you require? Free forum hosting while can get you started has its share of issues. You will neither be able to customize your forum as per your choice nor can you add phpBB modes yourself. Paid forum hosting, on the other hand, has far greater advantages. A good hosting provider gives you access to a number of forum hosting software programs to choose from, which can easily be installed regardless of you being a newbie. You can also transfer your forum from free hosting service provider to a proper hosting one easily. All you got to do after finding a good hosting service provider is to choose appropriate software – phpBB is the open source forum hosting software which is widely used and is effective and easy to use – and then install it. You can do it yourself; a few tutorials will get you going. In case you still are unsure, you can get help from a professional. Selecting a relevant domain name for a forum is quite important. For instance, if you want a forum for webmasters, it’s good to find a domain having ‘webmaster’ keyword. It is highly advisable to get a good (.com, .net, .org etc ) domain even if you have to pay a few bucks to the domain registrars.

Usually, the hosting service providers ask for your preference when it comes to choosing the software, so do a little homework on your part to know exactly which one would suit your needs. These forum hosting plans support cPanel as well.

Things To Remember While Choosing a Forum Hosting Company:

  1. Your chosen forum hosting service provider should be a reliable one. Prefer the ones who are in the market for a while. They have a team of professionals and know how to meet your needs effectively. Efficiency and reliability are important in this business, although you can find relatively cheap deals from new hosting companies but you probably would have to compromise on the services in that case.
  2. Your hosting provider should offer you a plan that gives a good bandwidth. Your website might not be leveraging heavy traffic in the start but since it’s going to be a forum, it won’t take much time before it starts pulling traffic, so a good bandwidth can save you from downtimes.
  3. Before selecting a hosting company, get to know about their tech support. Ensure they provide you round the clock customer service, so that you don’t feel stranded in case you encounter a website related issue.

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How To Find

Always check out user review sites before you choose a hosting company. Compare and contrast features and packages of a few companies before you settle for one.