Flower arranging is a popular past time as well as being one of the staple skills that a Florist Gloucestershire company like flowershedtewkesbury.co.uk/ will use to create beautiful designs for birthday and anniversary arrangements as well as wedding and funeral displays and also designs for domestic and commercial customers.

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This skill (and some would argue art form) has been around for hundreds of years and is thought to have originated in Egyptian times. Decorating houses and other buildings with flowers occurred with cut flowers regularly being placed in vases a way to use the natural beauty of the flowers. The Egyptians selected their flowers based on their symbolic meanings and their link to religion. Lotus flowers were linked to eternal life and resurrection and used in burial ceremonies as the flower of choice. Garlands were often buried with the person being buried and were made up of flowers such as anemones, delphiniums, narcissus and roses. These flowers would also have held important meanings for the burial ceremonies.

The ancient Greeks also used to use flowers and herbs in their ceremonies and would often create wreaths and garlands of flowers for decorations and also to use in their artwork pieces. Olive branches were a favourite of the time and they would be placed inside terracotta containers and they were also used during wedding ceremonies. They had their favourite plants for using during different occasions and these are similar to those favoured by the Romans and included laurel, ivy, bay leaves and oak leaves and acorns. Laurel wreaths were given to the winners of Olympic ceremonies as well as being worn by Roman military officials. The flowers preferred by these cultures included roses, honeysuckle, violets and lilies.  Roses were often used by the Romans during meal times and you would find them adorning the floors of the dining rooms and this use gave meal times the name ‘Hour of Rose’.

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Since these ancient times flowers have been used more and more both in our gardens and houses as a decoration. Painters and artists have long used flowers as items to include in their artwork with well-known painters like Vincent Van Gogh creating what is now an iconic image of fifteen sunflowers in a vase.

There are many health benefits to including flowers and other plant based items in your home and you can read about a study that NASA conducted relating to the air cleaning qualities of plants by clicking here.