We all know that double glazing keeps us cosy in winter. But can it also keep us cool in the summer? The answer is yes, but to understand why we need to look at how double glazing actually works.

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How Does My Double Glazing Work?

A single pane of glass is a poor insulator. In fact, it will trap heat from the inside and transfer it to the outside. A double-glazed window, on the other hand, is made up of two panes of glass mounted parallel to each other in the same frame.

The air – or argon gas – trapped in the space between the two frames is a poor conductor of heat and keeps the warm air trapped in your home. That means you’ll stay toasty through the winter months and make significant savings on your energy bill.

How Do I Buy the Best Double-Glazed Windows?

When you’re buying double glazing, find out about solar control options. You’ll also want to invest in the most energy-efficient windows you can afford for the best cooling and heating performance.

Investing in double glazing? Always buy from a reputable company like for best value. Look for internal glazing and locking options to keep your home secure and make sure they’re under warranty.

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But How Does That Keep Me Cool in Summer?

In the summer, we work to fill our homes with cool air. We might use fans or portable air conditioning units to stay comfortable. You could even apply a solar film to your windows to reflect the sun’s rays and reduce the amount of heat that penetrates your home.

Once you’ve cooled the interior air, your double glazing will work to trap the cool air inside, just like it traps the warm air in winter. Double-glazed windows will also help to minimise the transfer of warm air from the outside, keeping your interiors cool and comfortable.

How Does it Keep Me Warm in Winter?

Double glazing helps to prevent the warm air that is created by your heating system from escaping and helps to ensure that the heat remains within your home. Windows are one of the most common places that air will escape but there can also be draught areas around your doors and also around your ceiling lights which is where Downlight Covers such as the ones you can see at https://www.thermahooddirect.com/ can help by producing a sealed area around your lights.